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Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by Peter Cross, 3 September 2018.

  1. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    I have had a long term ambition to build a model of Bodmin station. Most of the model making I do for my self is aimed at this. I've got a plan for it but at over 7metres long, it won't fit in my 3.1 metre work room. When my workshop was downstairs it would or could of been set up through the door. I hope in our next move or house build we can accommodate it.
    I still would like a layout, not that I'm a great one for playing trains, more for something different to build when I lose the loco building mojo. Plus it will help my layout modelling skills in other directions.

    I have managed to get something that I think is workable in my 3.1m. by curving it I get 2.5 of visible track and a minimum of 1m on a sector plate. Long enough for a small tank and a couple of 48 footers. I am staying within a fictional place around Bodmin, North Cornwall area. Set in the very early thirties. A name will appear when I find something that takes my fancy. Along with some history to why this odd little line was built.
    Below are a couple of pictures of the plan resting on the floor to see if my sums were correct. Seeing it in place leads me to see if a few bits can be tweaked.



    I want to use some of the Bodmin buildings, so that if and when the other plan comes together I will have some components in hand. Station building will up by the wall near to the double slip. Goods shed by the end wall using the 3rd line away from the wall. The forth line will be shortened by almost a metre. There seemed to be more space on the screen than on the print out. This will have a row of unloading sheds like Bodmin gas works the bay to the extreme right may move around a bit until I'm happy with it. Could well become the line for the parcel/newspaper delivery and have a cattle pen. Signal box closer to the sector plate. I also imagine the station facilities continue where the sector plate is. I think it will need to be a bridge to hide the exit to the layout an maybe a few trees to hide the bridge a bit.

    I am hoping I can make a start with the boards in a week or so. Am also seeing if I can get my mental picture onto paper. All comments welcome. It's 30 years since I had dealings with a layout.
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  2. AdeMoore

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    Interesting Peter, one of my fav. Lines currently here on holiday, shout if you need anything.
  3. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Thanks Ade. I have some relations who live in the area so get to visit when in UK. I like the area. Not that I can get much of the beautiful scenery on the layout.
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  4. simond

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    It’s the same shape as my locoshed layout, and for the same reasons - though I think you have kinder curves than I as you’re not/less constrained by the buildings.

    OTOH, you do have a sector plate to consider, my locos only arrive at & leave the shed by THOG...

    Might this ever be a module in a greater layout, eg if/when you move house? Might that be a consideration in your planning?

    Watching with interest
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  5. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Hi Peter, I think the idea of a fictional layout based on Bodmin North is great...
  6. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    It's a rather wasteful shape as far as corner of room is concerned. But I may look at some storage lines there.
    I was actually surprised how much extra length was gained by the curve.
  7. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Layout on a curve with sector plate is very reminiscent of Hursley. The idea worked well from what I remember.
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  8. Paul Cambridge

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    1930s are a bit late for the Adam’s Radials, which is a shame, but a couple of O2s plus a Beattie Well tank would fit the bill, with some nice LSWR 48’ stock. Bodmin North is an interesting prototype as Chris (Pencarrow) will know; but it does consume a lot of space in 7mm scale. As the furthest point from Waterloo which had a regular passenger service, it was a bit of twig, rather than a branch, but laid out on a grand scale. Good to see you have managed to incorporate a double slip, they (plural) were a feature of the station. An interesting project.
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  9. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    I thought it was novel idea
    But in reality I'm a lazy sod. I don't know how good I am at buildings so only want to make one set.
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  10. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Paul. The loco stock will have the main elements of Bodmin in the 30's but rule one comes into play I will have locos that were used at other times too plus some of my favourite. I could well have a radial, there will be an O2. There could be a 460 which were gone by 30 but could be stretched. Possibly X6 not seen photo but I like along with K10, A12, G6, 700, 0395, and of course the BTW.
    I'm building a gated pp set. I've also seen an ex motor used as a carriage there. I have LSWR corridors that will be made at sometime. Also would like a Maunsell p set, I have in the stock pile a Maunsell composite which could be used a strengthener, or sold on.
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  11. daifly

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    Your plan bears more than a hint of Helford Creek from R. Modeller March 2008:
    Helford Creek RM Mar08.png
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  12. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Dave, just goes to show that no idea is actually new. More open feel of this 4mm would of been nice, an extra metre would of done it.

    I was originally going for bit of quay side for the coaling. But less than a metre I felt looked a bit short, even for fishing boats.
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  13. Chris Klein

    Chris Klein Active Member

    I think it also shows there a limited number of permutations of what can be done with a handful or less of points in a small space.
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  14. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    The big difference in layouts with the same/similar track plans comes with how imaginative folk are with the scenic treatment IMO.

    Oh and how well the imagination is translated to the reality of the model.
  15. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Now this is where my imagination is one thing, and my skill is totally different.

    My mind has already got this as a prize winner. But I need to learn a lot before that happens.

    I must admit I'm not sure about how I'm going to get on with scenics. I am not the most artistic person in the world. Much prefer working within fixed parameters.
  16. Chris Klein

    Chris Klein Active Member

    I find in small spaces that a cramped urban scene is easier to reproduce more convincingly than a sprawling rural location. The absence of trees is a boon. That said, Gordon Gravett has achieved wonders with Arun Quay, which I am hoping to see at Woking tomorrow.

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  17. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    I want to get a few trees around the exit. Not quite sure how to get them in to look right or to make them. Might have to see as we go along. I don't want to be reaching over them. They also will give some much needed height at that end.
  18. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Funny you should say that Chris, on Pencarrow (which has a 4m x 1m scenic area) I've ended up filling some of the planned green spaces with buildings. Gaps at the rear for green stuff just didn't seem to work, whereas buildings contain the scene. As such I'm ending up with a more urban layout than originally intended. Definitely not going to be a chocolate box scene!
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  19. Chris Klein

    Chris Klein Active Member

    Tonfanau Camp 5 April 2018005.jpg Tonfanau Camp 5 April 2018018.jpg Cafe TC004.jpg
    On Cwm Bach there is no effort to hide the exit to the staging area, but I am contemplating a pipe bridge. My other layout Tonfanau Camp (to be the subject of its own forum in due course) is an open rural scene the dominant feature of which is the grey Welsh sky. Based on the real Tonfanau on the Cambrian coast line, it is flat and open. The buildings are all single story and the backscene is an enlarged photographic image of the actual location taken on a typically grey day, which I hope have helped to convey an open and windswept scene. The exit at the Up end will be partially hidden by Jimmy's Cafe and the Down end will probably be disguised by a footbridge connecting the bisected army camp. As I don't exhibit my layouts, I suppose I can get away with this "hiding in plain sight".
  20. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Just a little more playing. I've mocked up the station building and signal box. I've have two possible positions for each. The station building itself I would like further towards the end .the tracks need pulling forward about 70mm to get canopy in. Or I can slice the building length ways down the centre.

    Or moving it down the platform a little and only moving the track forward about 30mm. Not so keen with this.


    Signal box I like here at front. Helping to hide stage exit.


    Or on the otherside. Not so keen here either. Please imagine the 2 shoe boxes and lump of hard wood are a bridge.


    Just for fun an overview with the 2 buildings where I feel they site well.


    Will mock up goods shed over the weekend I hope and add that to the picture.
    Any comments are welcome. It's a long time since I've done this sort of thing.