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    I've a commission to build a NER 1001 class 'Long boiler' 0-6-0 ( aka NRM's 1275). Its from a kit no longer in production, but as its the oldest loco I've ever built (it was a Stockton & Darlington design) I thought it may be of interest to document it
    We'll start with some of the lees technically advanced bits, boiler and something for the tender from N/S sheet, complete with tinsnip cuts on the boiler for the fire box

    The tender sides are a challenge, with lots of rivets and curves/flares

    The rear curve/flare was never going to work as designed, so I made a cut to get the rear corner formed (right hand part)

    It looks a bit gory in the photo, but (with some other issues sorted) the tender tank is starting to look like it might do
    IMG_5465 (2).JPG

    Oh well, something to ponder, I'm sure the buffer beam should reach the frames

    To be continued
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    Just up my street Andy, chair pulled up and refreshments at the ready:thumbs:
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    Second installment

    Tender looking quite good, considering all the riveting and forming required, being 0.018" NS it needed quite a bit of persuasion


    Modified buffer beam in place, see previous post. I'll sort the corner flares out after adding the beading, being quite heavy it'll help support the infill



    A look at some of the etch, one of the less helpful features is the tabs carry on in to the actual part, fortunately (mostly) on the non visible side

    The frames are two layers, seen (below) and as laminated (above), compensation is unusual design, featuring Slaters horn block bearings with a yoke and separate guide. I'll leave fitting those until after the rods are done and frames assembled
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    Can I persuade you to post your photos full size please. It's a PITA to keep having to jump around between narrative and photo windows.