New here, interested in electric powered German themed garden railroad

Discussion in 'New members' started by kaybee6, 5 May 2018.

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    I have been interested in having a nice railroad since I was small. I lucked out and found a nice Marklin Maxi set at a thrift store and have expanded on it by buying some other items. I like my Maxi a lot and also have a lot of track to go with it. The problem is that it is no longer produced and it is often very expensive.
    I would like to try and build some items to go along with what I have and use as much the same method and materials possible.

    I was thinking to maybe do some aluminum cast parts making some patterns from 3-d printed parts and trying hydroforming some sheet metal eventually.
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    Hi there KB.

    You've come to the right place for advice on your ambitions.

    Someone with more knowledge that I will be along shortly, but in the meantime how about posting some pictures of your collection/layout?