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Discussion in 'G3' started by DavidinAus, 23 June 2019.

  1. DavidinAus

    DavidinAus Western Thunderer

    I have just received my latest edition of "Garden Railways" (later to arrive in Australia).
    I see there's an advertisement from Slaters about two new wagons in G3, which is exciting!
    Two open wagons, which I assume are Midland Rly. design, but look just like private owner wagons.
    Before I buy a couple, has anyone seen these?
    The advert says the bodies are made of laser cut plywood (like Peter Korzelius or Woodbury Models, perhaps?)
    Are they PO wagons, or Midland Rly. ones? Or did the PO producers use a Midland design?
    Exciting development, I think.

  2. AndyB

    AndyB Western Thunderer

    Hi David,
    I saw the prototype of one of them at the Midland Railway Society AGM earlier this year.
    Laser cut ply with etched straps and some very nice lost wax bolts tails/nuts. I suggested to David White that there could be a good market for the latter to be made available separately as detailing / scratch-building aids.
    I'm afraid I'm still not a fan of the plastic moulded springs in the Slaters G3 kits, but they can always be replaced.

  3. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    They are Midland wagons David. One has an end door. Many, many thousands were built, but only for the Midland.

    I've seen a prototype assembled but without all the detail and it looked very good. It is also cheap. So cheap at only just more than their G1 kits, that I think they will put one or two other G3 manufacturers out of business.

  4. Ian_T

    Ian_T Active Member

    Whilst new products that can help make G3 more attractive to a wider audience are always welcome Mike - I do hope that this will not result in the narrowing of sources of supply.

  5. Mike W

    Mike W Western Thunderer

    It could do so Ian, but even so a quality kit at an excellent price must be welcomed and the range Slaters do is very small at present. More than anything, their exposure to markets not normally seen in G3 can only be good for our scale. I always think that the challenge is making people aware that G3 exists. But then I'm a teeny bit biased because I love it!

  6. DavidinAus

    DavidinAus Western Thunderer

    I have ordered one of each type and they have arrived (Australia!). The kits look really good. A bit more expensive that I had expected, but still look very good value.
    When I've built one I'll certainly write more.
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