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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Ressaldar, 9 July 2015.

  1. PMP

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    Got a very quick look today, good first impression for me.

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  2. BrushType4

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    Wonder if the frames will be thin enough to take an S7 conversion? :)
  3. Phill Dyson

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    Looks great :thumbs:
  4. JB Models

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    The DAPOL CLASS 08 looks absolutely stunning!!! Will this be the model to enter into the wonderful world of O gauge?
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  6. JB Models

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    Will the Dapol Class 08 come as an un-painted RTR model also? I really like the EWS, FGW and GWR liveries... Would be easier to paint one up rather than strip and repaint one.
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  7. Jordan

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    Not as I know of. It would be a first for UK outline (r-t-r plastic) if it was. Quite common in the USA; several of my EMD fleet were acquired Undecorated. :)

    The 08 looks great - if the promised Introductory price stands, very tempted to have two, 1 Blue, 1 Green. It'd almost be rude not to!!
  8. BrushType4

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    Dapol will apply the liveries as that's how they'll generate more sales. It would be good if manufacturers would sell models in undercoat.
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    That does look impressive. :thumbs:


  10. Phill Dyson

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    I think undecorated models are a good idea too, although in the case of these 08's I'm quite happy for Dapol to tackle those wasp stripes for me!

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  11. BrushType4

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    Yes please, I'd like one in undercoat with wasp strips!
  12. Dog Star

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    Those who know me shall not be surprised to read that the Dapol Class 08 was persuaded to come out of the cabinet and meet a digital caliper.... round about 10.00 this morning. The result is that there is at least 38mm between the inner faces of the outside frames, this measurement was made immediately behind the rear coupled wheels - the presence of brake gear and similar prevented measurement being made at other places along the frame.

    Peter has a photo of the underneath of the engine showing the keeper plate and final gear location (on rear axle). We shall post the photo when same has been downloaded from an I-phone.

    Now the downside... the axles are continuous from side to side with the cranks retained as a press fit on a knurled part of the axle, removing and refitting cranks may well lose the quartering. The outside cranks look to be of appropriate thickness, the same cannot be said for the horn cheeks (look shallow compared to MMP offering). There is a (loose) brass spacer between each crank and the corresponding axlebox - removing the spacer may permit of changing the horn cheeks for a beefier version.

    Overall, Peter and I are impressed enough that I have instructions to place pre-orders for Blue Gronks on Monday.
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  13. eastsidepilot

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    That should give enough room for S7 wheel sets and re-quartering the cranks shouldn't be a problem.
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  14. Dog Star

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    Of course you are entitled to ask as to why I happened to produce a digital caliper when talking to Dalpol staff about the 7mm Class 08. Well the chap had just said that he had no way of knowing if the model could accomodate S7 wheelsets... and I had gone to the show to check out on the dimensions of the Heljan 7mm Cargowaggons (see here for results).
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  15. jhockuk

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    Here is a shot of the rear quarter:


    According to the chat I had with the man from Dapol, they are now just awaiting the decorated samples for approval and would like to have this out by March, but sticking to the mid year delivery date in the hope of beating it.

    Much like my approach at work, you never actually tell them how long something is going to take!
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  16. Mr Grumpy

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    I wonder if you are related to the plumber we had round............
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    well, there isn't a brass washer on the real one....

    My impression is the axlebox & horns are/should be deeper than the thickness of the springs by a small amount (I didn't have a patented DS measuring stick with me when i took these)

  18. Jordan

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    Paint the underframe in black gunk as per the Prototype & who'll know what's too thin or thick!! :rolleyes: ;)
    After all the doubts & delays, it does look like Dapol are (finally) going to deliver something rather good. :thumbs:
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  19. JB Models

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    Hey guys,

    According to Dapol's website, they're now producing a BR Black Class 08 (number unknown). So can anyone tell me when exactly did the Class 08's carry the BR Black livery?

    And does any BR Black or BR Blue Class 08 exist in service today (even on a heritage line)?
  20. JB Models

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    Another question, many retailers list "7D-008-003" as a Dapol O gauge Class 08 in EWS livery. Can anyone confirm if that is still being produced? I see it all over except the Dapol website.