Nick Dunhill's 7mm W (A6) or Whitby Tank Workbench

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Nick Dunhill, 25 May 2017.

  1. Nick Dunhill

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    It's time to begin a new project. The subject of this adventure is the NER W class which became the LNER/BR A6 but is colloquially known as the Whitby Tank. Two models both finished in pre-grouping NER livery as so;


    I had been given a 'NER Days' kit for one of the jobs but sold it and decided to persue a better route. Mickoo (of Finney7 fame and of this parish) took pity on me and agreed to help by drawing out some artwork for etchings to get me started. I assembled some drawings, first from the NER Association archivist Tom Burnham (great helpful chap) and later plundered the archive at the NRM. The outcome was the following etches;



    They were intended to be an aid to scratchbuilding but are actually quite comprehensive. They feature a highly detailed chassis and most parts to build the loco body. They do not include (for cost reasons) anything that is just a rectangle of brass or nickel silver like the cab roof, smokebox wrapper or boiler. The CAD did however generate the dimensions of the shapes needed to fabricate these items. A little research has revealed that most, if not all, of the Worsdell castings required to complete (chimney, dome safety valves, backhead, springs hangers etc etc) are available in the Laurie Griffin range.

    So there we have it, a complete (nearly) set of parts at a very reasonable price and hours (and hours and hours) saved going down the conventional scratchbuilding route. The following pages will describe how the locos are fabricated with a guide to where to source parts. If anyone is interested in joining me on this adventure the etches are available to all (at reasonable cost!) Contact me by clicking on my picture to the left and pressing the 'start a conversation' button.
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    What a beautiful prototype, Nick. I don't (quite) remember the NER, so what was the number series in BR days? I wanna find a picture.

  3. mickoo

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    lol you give me too much credit, was only a few lines on the screen ;)

    Without the drawings from NRM then the project (any project) takes a massive amount of time to do so thanks go to those who took the time to research and supply the relevant data.

    The engines are designed for O Fine and for engines fitted with bogie brakes, those were removed later and the bogies changed for ones with a different profile. So if you're going to do a BR version then you'll need to re-profile the tops of the bogie side plates, I can work up a comparison drawing if anyone ever needs it.

  4. Nick Dunhill

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    Hi Brian.
    They were BR 69790-9 although 2 didn't make it to BR! Ten were made as 4-6-0T for hauling Whitby to Scarborough trains (a magical bit of the Yorkshire coast BTW) and rebuilt almost immediately to 4-6-2T. The picture above shows 688 at Whitby shed, now a Co-op store.
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  5. mickoo

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    Good luck, they didn't last that long into BR days, only eight out of the ten made it and the last hung on until 1953, all the rest were gone by late 1951.

    Numbers are 69791, 69793 through to 69798.

  6. Nick Dunhill

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    Thanks for your help Mick the etches are amazing....:thumbs:
  7. mickoo

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    You'd best wait until they arrive and it all fits before you band accolades like that around :D

    PPD are on quick turn arounds (under 7 days) at the moment so hopefully to you by next weekend.

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    Very excited to see an NER project Nick and for Brian, some BR days pictures;
    A6 DAIRYCOATES.jpg 69796 Hessle Road.jpg

    Pictured is the last survivor, firstly at Hull Paragon and then crossing Hessle Road. This loco was allocated to Botanic Gardens and worked it's last days as station Pilot, withdrawn in 1953. One day I may build this one as it fit's perfectly with layout plans.

    Lovely to see that on the etch work from Mick that there are the correct pattern brake hanger brackets, a small but important NER detail. I've yet to build an NER kit that has these correct. Also the brake hangers have no block which I assume is for the addition of a different material block? all good stuff.

    Extremely looking forward to seeing a Nick Dunhill, inside motion, bells and whistles top quality build of this prototype:thumbs:


    (Photos courtesy of Mick Nicholson)
  9. oldravendale

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    That is truly an impressive prototype.

    I may need one.......

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  10. Nick Dunhill

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    As an update the driving wheel axle box holes now have provision for the fitting of plain bushes for a rigid chassis. These pieces can easily be removed if like me you plan to use horn guides and axle boxes for compensation.
  11. Nick Dunhill

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    Just settled all my invoices for the above etchings and they work out at £150 per set (plus postage as required.)
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    I do like a big tank!!

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    You'd be hard pressed to call these small by any measure of description :D

    Several times during laying out the etch sheet I grew nervous at the real estate these things ate up and that's without the boiler and smoke box wrappers or cab roof :cool:

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  14. Nick Dunhill

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    Here we go (2,3,4...)

    35115143135_aa59af7bf1_b.jpg [/url]
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    Blimey, you've done we'll to cut out parts that fine with those shears!

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    That's not a big tank.......
    This is a BIG tank

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    ....and while reading the newspaper upside down.

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    I'm surprised at you; not finding a photo of a LBSCR Remembrance...
    Like this:


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    There were big ones north of the border as well


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    And the Whitelegg tanks of the LTSR