No.1 HERCULES update 2

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    Here at Crymlyn A Shop, Dai the paint is worrying about which paint to order for the Peckett contract W4 locomotive, No.1 HERCULES w/n 810.

    The only information Dai has for it (him?) is that it was painted green when at Danygraig shed.
    Would it have remained in the original Peckett livery from its Ystalyfera Tin Plate works days or a pseudo GWR livery?

    We have some pictures, none of which indicate any livery, but any more would be appreciated.
    The last thing Dai wants to do is cross our foreman's path again!

    The rather diminutive HERCULES is seen here between 1338 & 1140, which are small locomotives, outside Crymlyn A Shop.

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