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  1. Dog Star

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    That is nice.

    What is the prototype?
  2. john lewsey

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  3. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    I've ordered the gears for the engine so checked the chassis which seems to run freely and I've been making sure that the motor fits inside the boiler all seems well so far
    The pics seem a bit mixed up sorry about that
  4. john lewsey

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    Hi Mr G the coach is a Bill Bedford kit it's a clayton Diagram 490 which slaters make aswell so at least I have some reference pics the livery should be interesting
  5. adrian

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    That's looking very nice - Where did you source the roof from? I'm partway through a Worsley Works Railmotor and the roof is not supplied. It looks quite simple so I think I'll try scratch building it from a bit of nickel-silver but an alternative supplier would be appreciated if it doesn't go to plan.
  6. Steve Sykes

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    Alan Cox of Etched Pixels does some 3D printed roof sections. I'm not sure whether he's got one that's correct for the rail motor but it's probably worth having a look at his website (www.etchedpixels.co.uk).

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  7. john lewsey

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    Hi Adrian yes I just cut it from a piece of nickel-silver I managed to cut it with a Stanley knife

  8. john lewsey

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  9. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Hi Gents this is a test piece of track what's the best way of sticking this down (the ballast) without the shiny look and any clogging
  10. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Hi, I've still to try it on 2mm track but for my 7mm ballasting I have used a 50/50 mix of copydex and water. Careful if you have a latex allergy as the copydex does contain latex. I use this in preference to pva because the copydex doesn't dry solid like pva so allows a little flexing in the track.

    However I don't drop it on or spray it on. I use a syringe and squeeze it onto the baseboard at the side on the shoulder of the ballast. By thinning it with the water you can watch the copydex being sucked into the ballast by capillary action. As the glue is being sucked in it doesn't disturb the ballast in the same way as using a dropper or spray. You can see how far it has gone because it is white but dries clear. In the past I have flooded the ballast up to the level of the sleepers. On your double track even applying the solution to the outside of the track you will be surprised but the glue can quite easily seep through to the centre of the 6ft. I've got a short 2mmFS test tracking if I get time I'll try and experiment to see if I can get a few photographs to explain a bit clearer the process.
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  11. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Thanks Adrian
  12. David Varley

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    Another method I've been experimenting with is to mix the ballast with powdered glue before applying it to the trackbed and then, once the ballast's in place, misting it with water (with a drop or two of washing up liquid added) from a plant spray. Seems to have worked OK and less danger of clogging up pointwork than when you use the more traditional method.
  13. Locomodels

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    That sounds an interesting method. Which powdered glue do you use ?
  14. David Varley

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    The stuff I'm experimenting with is yellow dextrin powder (it's a water-soluble glue that's used for remoistable envelope adhesive - the sort where you lick the flap and then stick it down). I've always had problems in the past with clogging stuff up, especially in N and 2mm, but doing it this way seems to have eliminated that.

    You've just got to make sure that you mix it in well with the ballast and get the proportions right and that's the bit where I'm still experimenting. Overdid the glue the first time round and it set like concrete!


  15. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Hi David have you got any photos of what you done
  16. PaxtonP4

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    That's a very old method that I used over 30 years ago. The glue used was Cascamite - a powered wood glue.
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  17. westernfan

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    Cascamite, that's a blast from the past . I remember my dad using that stuff to build his billing boat kits before the arrival of epoxy resin glue. I still use the pva mixed with water and a little bit of washing up liquid to fix my ballast , good thing with this method is if ones not happy with the result one just has to soak it with water and it all comes away .
  18. Locomodels

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    Thank you for that David, is there a brand name to it and where would one get it ?

    I would have thought that setting that well was a good thing.
  19. David Varley

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    If I remember, I'll take some next time I do an experiment! Got a couple of points to build before I lay any more track. Not sure photos would help much to be honest though, John - looks very much like any ballasted piece of track.

    This is the stuff I bought - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/800g-Yell...al-/140426924343?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368 - comes in smaller packets as well.
  20. john lewsey

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    I'm just interested to see what your making :)