7mm Painting a SanCheng BR 4mt tank

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    Despite the trials and tribulations of using the HMRS Sheet 22 Mixed Traffic lining, the loco is now finished apart from fixing the speedo equipment and putting some coal in the bunker and some judicious weathering.



    the numbers, crests, smokebox number and shed plate are from Railtec, cab roof lifting lugs and Southern style additional lamp irons are from the scrap box, reporting discs are by Roxey and the speedo is by Finney7. I have fitted a Zimo MX645 and sugarcube speaker by Digitrains.


  2. Yorkshire Dave

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    They are more commonly known as headcode discs and report the origin, route and destination of the train. Some also carried duty numbers. The headcode shown represents any of the routes below depending where the loco was based.

    The 2-6-4's were heavily used on the Central section commuter routes - therefore the first two in the list being the most likely for the locomotive as depicted.

    Victoria or Battersea Yard and Brighton via Quarry line
    Tunbridge Wells West and Eastbourne

    London Bridge or New Cross Gate and Norwood Yard
    Charing Cross or Cannon Street and Holborn
    Victoria or Holborn and Ramsgate, Dover or Hastings via Nunhead line and Tonbridge
    Horsham and Guildford
    Waterloo and Nine Elms via East Putney
    Twickenham and Shepperton
    Salisbury and Portsmouth Harbour via Eastleigh
    Portsmouth and Southsea to Salisbury via Eastleigh
    Reading or Feltham or Brentford to Temple Mills or Victoria Docks via Kew East Junc and Victoria Park
    Exeter and Wadebridge via Lydford and Launceston GWR

    Anyway, enough of the geeky stuff, it's good to see a Southern Region based BR standard loco :thumbs:.

    As an aside would the loco have carried electrification warning flashes being on the Southern Region and depending on the date?
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    I have several photos of SR-based 4MT locos in the early 60s with electrification warning flashes but there's no consistency. The locos moved around a lot - particularly in the 60s - so the flashes may have been fitted on another region.
    For example:
    80018 near Edenbridge 22Apr61
    80018 near Edenbridge 22Apr61.jpg
    80068 south of Oxted 11Mar61
    80068 S of Oxted 11Mar61.jpg
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    Interestingly (or not) all my photos of Class 4MT 2-6-4 tanks except 80034 on the Southern Region show electrification flashes. However, Class 3MT 2-6-2T 82029 (used on the "Kenny Belle") photographed on the last day of SR steam is without flashes.

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  5. Yorkshire Dave

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    Nice photographs Dave.

    Interesting to see 80018 does not have the SR smokebox mounted lamp irons whereas 80068 does. One would presume 80018 was transferred to the SR from another region.
  6. AJC

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    Not sure what's happening there as the allocation record shows that 80018 spent most of its life of the Central Section of the SR (mostly within 20 miles of where I type this in the middle of Tonbridge)!


    80068, on the other hand, only came to the SR in 1960...


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  7. Ressaldar

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    Hi Y Dave,

    many thanks for posting the headcode information, I had looked through my Southern books looking for a Tonbridge 74D** loco code (home shed for my model), but settled for the Tunbridge Wells - Eastbourne one on the basis that TWW could not provide a 4MT on a particular day.

    The prototype loco was supposed to go to/stay on the Southern when built at Brighton in May 1952, but went with others in that batch to Watford, where it stayed until December 1959, having side screens fitted in March 1955. Ashford was its next base, where it seemed to have a 'General' in July 1960 where amongst other works carried out, it lost the water pick up chute and gained a speedo, ATC, additional lamp irons and cab roof lifting rings - the latter being a 'standard' Southern requirement following a nasty accident at Eastleigh when one fell during removal, causing major injuries.

    Based on the above, taken from the RCTS Vol 3 Standard Tank Classes, I would surmise that it was never fitted with warning flashes as there would not have been a requirement at Watford during its tenure there.

    HI Dave S,

    Great photos as usual, thanks for posting them.

    My major error is fitting the large emblem on the tank sides, on the photographs that I have of 80037, it is in such a filthy state (they were all taken post 1964 when it was in the West Country) you could not see the emblem. Personally, I think that the small emblem looks lost in that vast tankside area and the larger version is more proportional to the area. In any case, mine is now under three coats of Johnson's Klear and is staying there - Rule 1 applies.

    Thanks all for looking.



    Edit ** I know that Tonbridge became 73J in its final years (did any of its locos ever carry 73J I wonder) but I was born in Tonbridge and 74D was always the shedcode that I remember.
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  8. Sandy Harper

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    Hi Mike,
    Here is a Sang Cheng that I lined out for someone a few years ago using Fox lining.

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  9. Ressaldar

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    Hi Sandy,

    up to your usual high standard. I notice that , like mine when I received it, the tank vent on the left hand side appears to be missing, as it is on the one for sale on Flea bay at present.


  10. warren haywood

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    Done loads of these, the vents on the left is supplied in two sizes to fit yourself but hardly ever see any with them on as they don’t really fit.
    You also need to change the BR crest to a small one.
    I’m also currently working on one of these models, sorry about the quick phone picture quality

  11. P A D

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    Hi Warren,
    I see what you mean about the lining being close to the bottom edges of the tanks, and the need to ensure that the joint between the overlay and cast tank bottom on the MOK kit is perfectly smooth. I just had a look at my DJB one and I've put the lining too far from the edges, but at least I lined up the tank and bunker so it does not look too bad.

    Nice job on the 4MT. I agree, the small emblem looks out of place, as it did on the LNER L1 tanks. Luckily 67742 carried the large emblem for a few months in 1949, so I went for that.

  12. Ressaldar

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    Hi Warren,

    I fabricated mine to match the one on the right hand tank.

    As I said above, I now realise that the crest is the wrong size but it would take too much faffing about getting the Johnson's Klear back to a reasonable 'match' I will leave things ' as is' - Rule 1 applies and my argument regarding proportion is a good one - when were BR ever right! I could always apply some heavy weathering over the crest and nobody would be ant the wiser but for once I may even forget any weathering at all:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


  13. Ressaldar

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    CALAMITY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!




    with England having such a good day on the sporting front yesterday and me waking up with my shoulder impingement seemingly gone, I felt I should tackle the crest problem - just a few coats of Johnson's Klear to apply later today and then the speedo and coal in the bunker to do.



  14. daifly

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  15. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    All amended now thanks Dave - see above.


  16. Ressaldar

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    The weathering process has commenced



    most of what is to follow will be on the chassis.


  17. Scanlon

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    Hi Mike,
    Here is my version of the Sang Cheng Standard 4 2-6-4t.
    80154 2 260618 (2).JPG
    It is a mongrel, like so many of my models, the valve gear, connecting and coupling rods are MOK built onto the original frame by Tony Geary, the lining etc. was done by Redcraft and the weathering by David Amias. The pipework to the ejector and blower has also been added.

    The loco has the tank vents fitted in the correct place.


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  18. Ressaldar

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    Very nice Roger, as you say, a real mongrel! I remember Dad buying a Hornby Dublin 3 rail of 80154 for my brother and I one Christmas and then they brought out the two rail system shortly afterwards!


  19. Ressaldar

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    Done save a visit to the coaling stage






    now back to the Inspection Saloon conversion


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