Painting Humongous Building Interiors.

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    "John would you paint the Mill interior please?"

    This was the first question I had been asked by the Heyside Group that put me into panic mode. I glanced down at my size O brush and tiny 15ml pot of paint, gulped and said "Yes of course."

    The guy building the Mill, a very nice chap and extremally talented, handed me the first section to be done. Well at least I think it was him who handed it to me because all I could see were two hands and a pair of feet, the rest of him was behind the Mill section!

    So, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, I decided I would have to tackle the task in a very different way to my normal paint procedure.
    Now as good as Mrs PT is there was no way she was going to let me start spraying paint in the house and the weather will not allow me to do it out side at this time of year.

    So failing that I decided on a new approach, which is so very scientific and complicated that I will just post the photo's of what is needed. It only works if the darn thing has not been built or glazed.

    This is a very time consuming method, this section took me just under a minute to do.

    John :)

    20190215_094307.jpg 20190215_094321.jpg 20190215_094327.jpg
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