Peco signal box interior kit

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Peter Smith, 11 September 2019.

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    I have just used one of these new 7mm scale kits in a scratch built box based on Highley. The kit is very much designed for use with Peco's own signal box kit and is really only suitable for a small box, having just twelve levers, and adapting it to a larger structure would not be straightforward apart from the cost of two or more kits. In a small box, though, it works well.

    From normal viewing distances it is not really apparent that there is anything inside. Even close up you can't see a lot.

    However, with the roof removed it all becomes clear. I make the roof from aluminium sheet, it stays in shape and won't warp.


    The kit is pretty complete but oddly there is no notice board so I did that myself. There is no stool for the desk but other than that it covers pretty much all you'll need along with some items that you may not such as a gate wheel.


    A missed opportunity was not putting a printed clock face on the instruction sheet, much easier than trying to paint it. I didn't use the stove pipe as this box has a brick chimney.


    The large black rectangle is for the track diagram, which I have yet to is very unlikely to be seen.


    It has been pointed out that the floor should probably be Lino, but it's too late to change it now.


    This kit isn't perfect but I'll certainly use it again in small boxes. For longer lever frames though the Skytrex item is a better option.

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    Not very helpful I'm afraid ... but I mention it for the benefit of others yet to come ... you should not have the two block instruments/bells and the single-line EKT instrument (unless you are modelling a double track main line with a single track branch - in which case 12 levers is a bit too small!).

    Many people make this mistake and I wish the manufacturers of such kits would include notes to help avoid the pitfall.

    Very nice modelling as always nonetheless!