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    Whilst searching for Issue 247 I also came across Issue 252. This had the article about the Tortoise point motor switch upgrade using an external microswitch. We did this on Treneglos and got 100% reliable switching. Will also do this on Pencarrow.
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    Kettering show tomorrow. My attendance was in doubt for a while as I am still recovering from a chest injury. However, having just returned from a short trip out in blizzard weather conditions, with the snow set in and drifting nicely, any thoughts of making the long trek are firmly pushed away.

    There's also been a slow stream of traders on my shopping list that have understandably withdrawn due to the weather, which would have made the trip less worthwhile. I'd have felt sad, wandered over to the Finney7 stand and, with resistance low, would have ended up buying something.

    Bit disappointed with the attitude of a few guild members over on RMweb. It would appear that if you're a non-member you get labelled as a free-loader if you want info about the show (is it still on, who has dropped out). Apparently on an exhibition that is advertised for anyone to attend, you only deserve that info if you are a paid up member. Paying double entry fee at the door doesn't count.
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    There are three of us there - possibly four tomorrow, and even five if I manage to get there. I might not go now, if you'll not be there to buy anything from us.:)

    Hope you are OK too. Seriously, don't risk your health. We can always do mail order.:thumbs:

    That's disgraceful. Any members taking that attitude should be ashamed. No wonder the future of the Guild is discussed in such a negative fashion.

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    From one non-member to another Chris, as far as I know it's still on. I'm setting out early and hoping for a good day out. Shame you won't be there, I was hoping to chat buffer stops and catch up on your 1366 build,

    ATB Mick
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    Thanks Mick, I do enjoy catching up with folk and having a chinwag (even if it is about that blessed 1366).

    Yes, I've heard it is still on from a few kind souls who reposted top secret, members only details about the show on the RMweb Kettering thread. The Guild themselves have also today made info available on the public side of their website. Definitely needed given the delightful weather we are having.

    Anyway, our local roads are like this (and getting worse):


    So I'm going nowhere tomorrow
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    You're a bad man, taking advantage of me with the sultry offer of mail order. That said I do have my name down for a T9 with watercart tender. I have opened the box on the Bulleid a few times too but have promised myself I won't start it until I've completed a few more shelf queens first.
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    And a bit of a Pencarrow update.

    Last weekend I finally tackled one of the tasks that's been avoided for far too long... Getting the turnouts working. Bit of a make or break on having a working layout.

    I avoided it by pratting around with bases for the Tortoise point motors:



    Further procrastinated by adding external microswitches to the Tortoise point motors (as per MRJ 252):



    There was even a trial fit....


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    But then I spent the best part of two days bending bits of wire, cutting tube, drilling holes, digging through scrap etch and cleaning up brass castings. Lots of trials, burnt fingers and swearing. Lots of swearing. The aim, to get a set of switch rails installed and moving under power from the Tortoise.

    I wanted:
    1. Mechanical dropper wires to drop down from the rail to the underboard tie-bar.
    2. Something to stop the switch rails rising above the stock rails.
    3. A way of representating the stretcher bars cosmetically.
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    I won't bore folk by looking at all the fails but here's what did work:



    The switch rails aren't fixed in place yet and look like this:


    This shows the arrangement better. You'll have to imagine there's a baseboard between the switch rail and the tortoise...


    The stretcher bar mounts are from C&L (blue packets on the right hand side):

    The cosmetic stretcher bars are currently just plasticard shoved into grooves in the mounts.

    And it does all work too. Over the last week I have tested it well over 1500 times, which probably demonstrates how uncertain I was that I could make it work.

    The video was shot before the plastic stretcher bars were added after only a few switches.
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  11. Pencarrow

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    So, other than the T9 and Bulleid, what North Cornwall appropriate goodies do I need to have strength avoiding?
  12. oldravendale

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    I can do you a nice M7 sir. Or you could move your allegiances to Dorset and have an Adams Radial - maybe there's one on an enthusiasts excursion to Cornwall? :))

    Have a good weekend.

  13. Pencarrow

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    M7 is a bit tricky around Wadebridge but I do have photos of Radials in that location. Would have to shift my time period a chunk earlier though...

    There are several other members of the Finney7 mafia who have tried to make me take a Radial away from the stand. They are very bad men too.
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    K10 would be nice for you but they've not made it yet.
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    Probably worth an update on what stock I have got / will be getting and what its status is.

    Passenger turns:
    • Adams O2 - nearly completed Connoisseur kit 30200
    • GWR 8750 - RTR from Minerva to become 4666 (DCC sound fitted)
    • GWR 45xx - RTR on order from Tower models to become 4569 (DCC sound fitted)
    • Ivatt Tank - Built from an ACE(?) kit by Peter in Brazil as 41275
    • Drummond T9 - Kit on order from Finney7 to become 30719
    • Bulleid Light Pacific - Kit bought from Finney7 and not yet started, not decided which it will be 34033 or 34066 are potential numbers
    • AEC RailBus - Heljan RTR, I've fitted DCC sound.

    That's the locos, most of which were classes all seen at Bodmin North. The 45xx fits in with my perverted version of history cooked up for Pencarrow. The T9 and the Bulleid are both classes local to the NCR but are a big push to justify at Pencarrow but are two of my favourite classes. The stock has been acquired to cover a 20yr period of operation, starting with the O2 and ending with the Railbus.

    For coaching stock we have:
    • Maunsell P Set - part finished built from Slaters kits and will be finished in BR(S) green
    • GWR B Set - RTR from Dapol/Lionheart finished in crimson
    • Bulleid loose BCK - not yet sourced, ideas welcomed

    I'm also thinking about eventually getting an earlier set of LSWR coaches, a 7mm version of the recent Hornby jobbies. Again suggestions welcome.

    Freight turns
    Much less variety here but two main turns, mainline and the clay branch.

    • Maunsell N Class - kit ordered from David Andrews last week. Likely to be one of 31843/4/5.
    • NB 63xx / Class 22 - interest expressed in the LLC project. JLTRT obviously now not an option.
    That's it for the mainline, although the 45xx and 8750 could also be used for GWR trips?

    For the clay branch we have:
    • Beattie Well Tank - not yet started but this will be a montage creation from bits and etchings sourced from Laurie Griffin and Nick Easton and finished as 30577. Easton-Griffin 0298 Beattie Well Tank for Pencarrow - 7mm+ modelling
    • GWR 1366 - mostly complete, started as a Agenoria hit but now has many replacement and scratchbuilt parts, including a completly new chassis. Will be 1369 at some stage...

    The only addition I can think of here is an 03 to take on clay duties in the diesel period. Again suggestions welcomed.

    The freight stock will be about 90% kit built from plastic and brass kits. Good headway was being made into the pile of kits but I've stopped to concentrate on getting a running layout.

    Whilst I now have just about everything in my original targeted stock list from 3yrs ago, there are still a few gaps. What I have learned is that you really do have to get things when you see them or risk not getting one later. Manufacturers going bump it retiring, moulds no longer useable and short production runs all cause issues.
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    I thought that you forgot the little pannier....
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    How could I? It's a mental scar! ;-p
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    Did you make it in the end Mick?

    Feel really sorry for the traders that did make it - all that effort and cost for very few punters. Mind you, would have made getting served and having a natter with folk easy. Just hope all travelled safely and losses weren't too bad.
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    Oi, who're you callin Bad Men? We'll have you know we resemble that remark.

    The Management
    We know where you live.
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    PS, We all got there other a very snowed in Richard on top of his hill and are glad we did.
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