7mm Pencarrow - Cornish BR(S)

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  1. Pencarrow

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    A question for the learned - I order a set of frames from Premier Components at the Telford show. Not done this before. How long does it normally take for the chaps to cut the frames and contact you for payment?
  2. Peter Cross

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    I have heard he is a little slow sometimes.
  3. Jon Fitness

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    Machining wise, he's just a one man band so it may take him a little while to catch up with his Telford orders. I'll give him a nudge next time I nip over to his unit;).
    My Missus assembles his couplings for him so I'll need to go over and get some bits for her anyway:D

    Jon F.
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  4. Scale7JB

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    I waited 6-9 months for a set of rods once, and the only reason I got them was because I saw a set on their stand at a show..

  5. Pencarrow

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    Thanks all. Part of being relatively new to 7mm is finding out who sells what and what it takes to get hold of the items.

    Next time I'll be more organised and order well in advance for collection at Telford.
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    The Evil Agenoria 1366 - An Update

    This was the first 7mm loco kit that I bought and started to build. Not having tried anything like this before I was taken in by the shiny built example on a stand at a show and the proprietor's assurance that this was an easy / simple 0-6-0 design suitable for a beginner. How naive I was!


    The build started reasonably well and I followed the instructions implicitly. As I progressed though, it slowly became apparent that the kit had three main problems:
    1. Some of the etched parts were the wrong shape and size - something that should have been obvious to the proprietor from the test build.
    2. The castings provided were a random selection of badly formed or totally inappropriate parts that bore little similarly to those on the real loco.
    3. The instructions, although detailed, ignored the realities of the prototype and were wrong and misleading in places.


    So this build has been an introduction the world of remaking and altering parts and sourcing replacement castings. A year into the build, with the kit fighting me at every turn, I gave up on it. I must admit at being quite angry at the time about the money wasted on such a poor kit.


    The experience almost prompted me to abandon the 7mm idea and go back to 4mm. Obviously I was not cut out for 7mm. It was a close thing but instead I built a connoisseur LSWR O2 and a few etched wagon kits. These were all superb by comparison. Confidence restored.

    Some two years later, after much prodding and ribbing, I picked up the kit again. During the break I've gained tools and more importantly experience. The battle has recommenced!


    The last few months has been spent remaking further parts, sourcing further replacement castings and generally rethinking some of the naive ideas I originally had. The body is slowly getting there and starting to look like the prototype. The last body panel went on a few weeks back, the bunker rear, and I'm now into the detailing phase.


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  7. Heather Kay

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    It's been a hard road, but well worth the journey.

    I have a similar model, currently almost a permanent shelf queen. At the time I started it, my skills weren't where they are now, and I wasn't capable of correcting the major errors. I keep telling myself I will one day find some time to start things again, but meanwhile my skill set is getting better every day.
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  8. mickoo

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    Love the work bench, so clean and tidy, even more so, love the pint of ale, good man, drinking and soldering is a perfect combination because, if you mess it up you can blame the ale ;)

    Regarding the Dock tank, it probably won't feel like it at the moment, but that poor model will teach you far more skills than one that goes together, the journey is rather more stony I'll agree, but as a training exercise it'll stand you in good stead for the future.

    It is a shame that new blood to the scene falls into these honey traps but I'm glad you stuck with it, nothing to be ashamed of in that model, especially given it's source.

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  9. SimonT

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    As a follower of things Swindon, I reckon that bunker is a top class effort; very tidy. Looking forward to seeing the angle that secures the cab/bunker to the footplate. Mike did put that into the kit, didn't ... he.... ;)
  10. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    There are quite a few things missing from the kit detail-wise, and a fair number of items and instructions that are just wrong for a 1366...

    The really daft thing is that Mike included an accurate scale drawing and photos with the kit so heaven knows why some of the dimensions are wrong and the castings below to a different loco. It's almost deliberately wrong in places! ;-p

    The above photo shows the handbrake cutout that was missing - one of the many extras I've fabricated.

    The kit was very confused and inconsistent about the width of the cab and tanks. I built the tank based on the end formers in the kit in the early days before I learned to check every item against photos and the drawing. It's too narrow, like the cab front. The cab rear, roof and bunker were the right width, but were narrowed down to match the tank as it was discovered too late in the build.

    I've ended up using very few of the Agenoria castings due to them either being poorly cast, misshapen or not right for the loco. By example are three parts below and their replacements.


    I'm going to gave another look at the cab photos to see if I can spot the angle...
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  11. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    There's a long way to go yet Heather! Once I've finished the body I'm going back to start again from scratch on the chassis.

    Why? Having referred to drawings and photos the frames are the wrong shape, depth and have the cutouts missing. A set of Premier Components frames are on order for this and should produce a far more rigid chassis. I'm also going to take the opportunity to alter the compensation.

    At the moment the rear axle is fixed and the front two compensated using beams. One the new chassis I'm putting the beams on the rear two axles and having the front axle rocking to give true three-point compensation.

    The new chassis will also have New cylinders as the existing ones are too long and too thin. They just look wrong and spoil the look of the loco.

    Here's a comparison:

    It's the kit that keeps on giving!
  12. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Thanks Mick. We're in year three of this build although nothing much happened for two years! Persistence and beer are the two things most needed so far...

    I'm looking forward to seeing this running at some point. At that time all the strife will be forgotten and I'll wonder why I bothered altering all the bits you can't see from 3' away ;-p

    It certainly has been a valuable learning experience and I'm glad I didn't give up. Such a pity that poor kits like this do put folk off, I wonder how many have actually been finished?
  13. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Simon, I've looked at lots of prototype photos now and can't see the angle you're referring to. Going to need a clue!
  14. oldravendale

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    Just a pretty picture - one of mine from 30 August 1961 at Weymouth.

    1368.  Weymouth Quay.  30 August 1961.  Personal Collection.  Final.  Photo Brian Dale.jpg

    But you are absolutely right about the size of the cylinders!

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  15. Pencarrow

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    Smashing shot Brian. Good to see a different low-down angle. 1368 is my engine too. Thanks for the reference.
  16. Peter Cross

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    It is looking good. The changes you have done are well executed. It is only a matter of time now till it is running nicely. Those cylinders are really small. They will look much better once you have made a proper sized pair.
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  17. Dan Randall

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    Chris - Just to add to your list of "things to do", comparison between the prototype and model pictures in post #51 would suggest Mr Agenoria has etched the upper cab entrance handrail holes too high. Having come this far (and if you weren't already aware), I thought you'd like to know....

    You've done a fantastic job so far though - well done! :thumbs:


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  18. Pencarrow

    Pencarrow Western Thunderer

    Thanks Dan, already spotted that and made amends.
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  19. Scale7JB

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    Really surprised by this. I was under the impression that Agenoria kits were quite good..

  20. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    The early industrial ones designed by Pete Stamper are good kits. The later kits from about the Jinty (no.44?) onwards I would avoid completely as they were designed by Mike Williams, not the Mike Williams on here I hasten to add.
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