7mm Pencarrow - Cornish BR(S)

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  1. Stubby47

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    A few shots of a comparably old building.
    20180807_143044.jpg 20180807_142955.jpg
  2. Stubby47

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    I'm assuming you have this book,
    so this photo on p19 should be familiar.
    Shows how little of the mortal lines have depth ( apart from under the windows).
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  3. Peter Cross

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    Most pointing on stonework needs to be fairly flush, to help water run down the front and not ingress into the joint. Hence why it pointing comes out quite quickly once it's broken.

    Most repairs in stone walls is done with stone. It is far easier to do than use bricks. Add ons or window door fills would as you have done most likely of been in brick, again for ease.
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  4. simond

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    Looking at Stu’s first photo above, I think I’d try to paint the stones, and then point the gaps, possibly with a water based filler, applied by sponge.

    I used some stuff out of a tube, watered down a bit, following a suggestion by Yorky Dave, on my loco shed, that’s brick, still I’d expect it to work.

    Watching with interest
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  5. Pencarrow

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    Might have a play with tiling grout. Possible on a piece of scrap first...
  6. Pencarrow

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    Good reminder Stu, I forget that they are also B&W buildings of the same period. I have some colour shots somewhere...
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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    If using fillers add some black/brown ink or paint to tone it down. Mortar on stone buildings is almost the same colour as the stone itself.
  9. Stubby47

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    Yep, that's good stuff, I use it too.
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    Good news is I'm actually off to Bodmin today. Bad news for Chris is I won't have any time to get any photos as I'm playing in a walking football tournament, and also somehow got volunteered to take two other players.
    Hope that helps.
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    No running at the back there Stu.
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    I never run playing normal football...
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    I never play football.
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    Making a start on the sticky out window thingy:



    As usual no plans, just making up the construction sequence as I go...
  16. Peter Cross

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    It must of been a quite important building at one time to of been built with such impressive stone work.
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  17. Pencarrow

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    They were originally the main office buildings and company stores at the original Bodmin terminus of the B&W. Must admit I'm always surprised at how posh the lower stonework on the frontage is.
  18. Threadmark: Wharf building in primer

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    Been busy today getting the second wharf building ready for primer. Various odds and sods sorted out and the rendering finished off.

    As ever photos in primer are great at spotting stuff you've missed. This is where I'm up to...



    I did remember to mask the roof glazing!




    And a close up of the render:

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  19. Threadmark: GWR Brakevan link

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    Note to self:

    Informative webpage for when I come to build the Parkside GWR AA19 van...

    GWR Goods Brake Vans
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  20. Alan

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    Thanks for that Chris, my Parkside brake van has just arrived.