People looking at W T .

Discussion in 'Talk' started by paulc, 30 August 2019.

  1. paulc

    paulc Western Thunderer

    It always amuses me (little things do) when guests outnumber members when i log in but today there were twice as many robots as members looking at W T .
    I wonder what they get out of it , maybe its the electronics that fascinate them .
    Cheers Paul
  2. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Perhaps they're looking for electric sheep to dream about. :eek:
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  3. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    I guess they find browsing WT more interesting than installing drywall:

    Drywall Installation2.gif
  4. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Disappointing, shouldn’t need to pick up a commercial drill - it should be integral, fold the wrist and out it pops!

    Edit - “out it pops”!
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