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    7mm/ft LNWR (mainly). I like detail but I'm not as good a modeller as some of your contributors. Currently working on 3 main projects (although there are loads of others) ,

    1) Repairing a LNWR Coal tank my wife dropped on the rear buffer beam at an exhibition about 10 years ago. It was not a brilliant kit but I spent a lot of time adding detail. Stripping the paint has been a nightmare with all the detail, but I'm starting to add the details that dropped off, and adding some more.

    2) Sidelines LNWR coach. Underframe and bogies painted in Cellulose gloss black, and coach body painted coach white again gloss cellulose, although I need to be convinced that the RAL colour suggested by Warren Haywood is quite right, but maybe I'm biased by the white I purchased from "Precision" 15 years ago. This is now waiting to have the bottom half sprayed with Enamel coach plum, again the colour is that suggested by Warren, but how much black do I add ??? Then I have to paint the beading. Discussion between Geoff Haynes and myself. Do you mask the panels and spray the beading, or hand paint the beading ???

    3) A 30ft LNWR again not a good kit. I am having to break the fold lines apart and then re-solder back together just to make the lookouts fit and get the 4 corners of the coach to look the same.

    Finally just so everyone is aware, I am Hobby Holidays, but no favouritism please :)

    Perhaps some day I will add some of the projects I am working on for the business although there is a blurred line between what I want and what it will get.
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    Hi again Phil.

    Photos of projects, please. We like lots of photos.:)

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    Hi Phil,

    Good to have you here. You might actually see some of the many things I've bought from your stand being used.
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    Hi Phil,

    welcome to WT as Brian says, we like lots of photos in our posts.

    Stay safe and well


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    Welcome aboard.
    Look forward to seeing the lnwr stock.
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    Welcome aboard,

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    Welcome. I've never heard of anyone spraying the beading on LNWR coaches - usually done with a pen at the same time as the lining.

    Will be interested to see the "3) not very good" kit! I can guess what it might be.