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Discussion in 'Permanent Way' started by ICH60, 14 April 2020.

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    I have a track plan of Shipston on Stour in 7mm that is 6500mm long and 1400mm wide. I would like to get it printed on one sheet hopefully with a commercial printer. When I go to "export a file" in the "output" menu there does not seem to be an option to produce a PDF with the track plan and the background. Am I being stupid or is it not possible.

  2. richard carr

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    You can print all the templates to a pdf

    In the printer setup choose microsoft print to pdf, then just print them all.

  3. ICH60

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    OK Thanks
  4. SimonT

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    Select Output and then from the drop down menu select Export a File (PDF, DXF, EMF, PND...)...
  5. Lancastrian

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    Also check that the boxes for printing Background Shapes and/or Sketchboard Items are ticked. These can be found in the Output dropdown menu under "output elements".

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    Additionally, Templot's built in pdf converter isn't that brilliant. I don't think it will produce a pdf longer than 5 metres.

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    I have worked it out!. The issue was you didn't seem to be able to select the background shapes as well as the track plan when you get to the "Create PDF" button. On pressing the button it then takes you to the save menu. So I assumed that was it, it saved it. So it was only when I pressed "save" did you then get a new box. In that menu you get include background shapes check box.

    Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 14.29.42.png
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  8. ICH60

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    Its seemed to have generated it OK when i use examiner in Preview on my Mac it says the correct size.
  9. martin_wynne

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    Hi Ian,

    Yes it will. However the Adobe PDF Reader won't display them that long.

    Other (better) PDF reader programs will do. My preference is PDF-XChange Viewer:

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    The built-in Templot PDF generator is optimised for producing large page sizes, unlike programs such as Microsoft PrintToPDF which require the creation of custom paper sizes.

    The reason the background shapes option box is on the pages dialog is so that you can turn them on and off between one page and the next.

    When in doubt in Templot, it is much better to ask on the Templot Club forum: Templot Club


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  10. ICH60

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    Thanks for the info Martin.
    Once I got my head around it, Templot produced what I wanted.
    Luckily the Mac Preview programme displays the PDF fine.
    The issue now is to find a commercial printers that can produce the print.:)
    I would like to thank you for producing a great programme which I suspect has taken a lot of your time over the years.

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