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Discussion in 'Techniques' started by simond, 3 May 2020.

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    Apropos the discussion that started in Simon’s “Back End” thread, rather than clog his layout progress, herewith a new thread to gather ideas and links for radio control of locos, and the resultant possibility of no track wiring, so-called “Dead Rail”.

    I’m aware of several approaches, Deltang appears to be popular, I have experimented with Tam Valley, and people have used conventional analog R/C in a variety of scales, gauges & prototypes. It’s also possible to dissect cheap r/c toys, and use the gubbins in models.

    Years back in my 16mm days, I had a live steam Ffestiniog “Prince” with single channel r/c and a fairly chunky freelance BB “diesel” using lima motor bogies, a burglar alarm battery and an analog 27MHz set with an early ESC. The Limas weren’t up to it and were swapped for home brew bogies with Buhlers.

    My experiments with the Tam Valley gear are described here. My objective was to get the benefits of r/c with the advantage of DCC synchronised sound, and the availability of a wide range of sound projects. Second hand Duchess

    I’m aware of a number of threads on the G0G forum.

    Giles Favell has done lots using Deltang equipment.

    I’m sure there’s lots of other good stuff out there.

  2. Pencarrow

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    I had a look at the DT website. The only downside is that it assumes you know what Al the bits do and how it all works. I'd certainly be interested in an idiots guide and how you could also get sound.
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    Chris, I looked into the Deltang bits a while back for a project, and once it clicks it's all very simple.

    I think there are plenty of videos on YouTube that may help your understanding of how everything works.

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    Good timing, Simon. I will be using dead rail on my Lynton project 4mm - Lynton & Lynmouth - 4mm scale, 8mm gauge.and have just ordered some stuff from Micron Radio Control : Model Railway Radio Control. The engines will have delightfully simple scratch built chassis powered by a Maxon 6v motor & 1:4 gear box at 6mm diameter, lying down between the wheels with a 1:18 transfer box. One 3.7v LiPo battery should suffice, but experiments await.

    Battery power gives the added bonus that wing and check rails can remain ‘rusty’. The wiring simplification also appeals, as I was not looking forward to using the Devils Control Circuitry as a means of managing the 6v motors. I will probably also use mechanical control of the points and signals.