Railway Art Exhibition - 19th August to 30th September 2018 - Locomotion, Shildon, County Durham

Discussion in 'Exhibitions' started by Rob Pulham, 5 March 2018.

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    I appreciate that it's a bit early in the year but since calendars tend to get booked I thought that I would post up a proper notice that Chris is holding her first Solo art exhibition this year and it's being hosted by the NRM at Locomotion, in Shildon, County Durham.

    I was prompted to post this because last night Chris finished her latest work, another shed scene set in the 1960's. I am not going to post any photos until after the event, because Chris wants some of the paintings to be unseen before the exhibition. - Although I may be biased, I think that this one is her best yet despite it not being the period that I am most interested in.

    If you are in the vicinity do please pop along to have a look, there will be a several paintings that haven't been seen in public before, as well as those that I have shared images of here on WT previously.

    With the exception of Guildex weekend Chris and I will be on hand each weekend to answer questions or just have a chat about anything and everything and the NRM are going to be stocking Prints, cards and mugs from some of the paintings should you desire a souvenir.
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    Hi Rob,

    all best wishes to Chris for a successful show and sales of the goodies.

    kind regards