Rapid prototype parts in 7mm

Discussion in 'Workbenches, including workshop techniques.' started by Elliot 84A, 29 December 2017.

  1. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer

    Afternoon gents,

    Just thought I'd share this little bit of post Christmas goodies with you. I've CAD modelled a GW King bogie to works drawings and had it 3D wax printed and cast. All in all I'm quite happy with the results seeing as its captured all the detail but it also shows the short comings. What do you guys (and girls) think of the results as I might be a tad over critical.

    There is some slight damage on the frames too so try to disregard that :)

    Elliot 20171229_124908.jpg 20171229_124348.jpg 20171229_124404.jpg 20171229_124322.jpg
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  2. Arun

    Arun Western Thunderer

    For a one off L/W casting, wax prints [assuming 100% burn out without ash residue] make sense. But, once you've done it and others like it, they will want some! At some early point it becomes cheaper to produce the same article as a set of parts that can be assembled after being extracted from their moulds. That means redesigning the bogie as a series of parts that can be extracted from a mould.
    Fundamentally it is a toss up between one off-mould charges and repeated costs for 3D print material.

    Whatever, I think it looks pretty good!

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  3. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    I have to say that I'd be pretty happy with that!

  4. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Looks good to me and certainly much less of a chore than removing etches from frets, de-tabbing, de-cusping, forming, soldering, cleaning-up etc! :thumbs:


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  5. SimonT

    SimonT Western Thunderer

    cracking. I hope you're going to bring it down to Brizzle for a chat.
  6. David Taylor

    David Taylor Western Thunderer

    Nothing wrong with that. Once it's under a model and painted it would look fantastic.
  7. Oz7mm

    Oz7mm Western Thunderer


    Who did the 3D printing?

  8. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer

    Simon, I'll be in Bristol with this and several new wheels all being well.

  9. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer


    I use a chap in New Zealand for all my 3D wax printing, he's a model engineer himself so he understands what I'm trying to achieve which is always handy.

  10. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer

    David, I just need something to put it under now lol.

  11. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer


    I'm happy with it but I know I can do a lot better, its all about trial and error. The next one I do will be 10 times better then this.

  12. Bill Bedford

    Bill Bedford Western Thunderer

    Did he do the casting too?
  13. Elliot 84A

    Elliot 84A Western Thunderer

    Yes John, I send him the file, he then prints and gets it cast, he won't send waxs' as they're too fragile.

  14. Kerry Viney

    Kerry Viney Member

    Is it possible for me to obtain a bogie ?

    Kerry inOz