Ready to run 1/32 Mk 1 Coaches

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 17 July 2012.

  1. queensquare

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    Simon brought one of the Mk1s over to my S&D talk at the Gascupboard last night and I think they are really impressive, particularly for the price. I too don't think the plinth is particularly noticable. I thought the glazing looked a little prismatic (is that a word!) but is an acceptable compromise to give near flush glazing on a moulded plastic body.
    Overall I think they are excellent and will look superb running round the garden. Best get on with that Spamcan....

  2. Neil

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    Another vote for the relative inconspicuousness of the plinth in the photos.

    It's difficult to know whether the roof ribs look as prominent on the carriage as they do in most of the photos; it's those which would concern me most. Seeing the photos of yours and Cookies examples has made me think that my Bachmann Mk1 needs to have an appointment with some abrasive tools and materials pronto.
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    Hi All, My green Mk1s have arrived and still on shelf buffered up to D816 and very good they look. A bag of addtional pipes, door handles and lamp brackets aswell - very handy given packaging damage but very minor in scale of things! Re chassis lip very minor detraction and not at all noticeable. Corridor connection an inspired idea .
    I will need to trim back the rain cap on top a little as these overlap end on mine and some curves might be a problem. but at cost and ease of instant train a very happy bunny!
  4. Simon

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    Sorry, this from Neil's thread, but it's sort of relevant here:oops:

    I wasn't having a dig at anything in 4mm scale, it was rather that I thought a bit of brassware might significantly "up" the G1MRC coach for a minimum of effort, here are the results of my attempt no. 1 out in the garden this morning:


    I had made a second handle, but it dropped off into the grass and I can't find it:rolleyes:

    I really like these coaches:)

  5. lancer1027

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    Well Simon i have to admit that those coaches are very nice and seem execptional value for money.:thumbs:

    Although they would look even better in blue/grey;)

    Rob:) now running for cover​
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    Don't run Rob scarper
  7. Neil

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    I think this points out the difference in scales far better than any of the posed photos of little and large models sat next to each other. Same subject, similar approach to model making, completely different process undertaken.

    Must admit I'd be intrigued to see a blue and grey example. However I do have dim and distant memories of seeing green Mk1's at York station in the sixties. Though I didn't know at the time how they got there I think there was a Newcastle? Bournemouth train that had a green (SR) rake and maroon (NE) rake.
  8. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Your wish is my command.....


    One of Fred's masterpieces on the line back in May 2010.

  9. lancer1027

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  10. TheSnapper

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    That'd be the "York-Borny" (York-Bournemouth or t'other way round!).
    Often pulled by a V2 from Leicester northwards.
    What a splendid sight!!

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    OK, so they've arrived & very nice they are too (for the money, that's an understatement, but let's not get gushy).

    Now, had cause to pull one of the BSK's apart, loose seating in a couple of compartments, splosh some Mekpak about & it's fixed........ but that solid wall in the luggage compartment is going to be noticed (well, it is now I know about it). Before I take the scalpel to it does anyone know of a source of 'acceptable' mesh (or looky likey) to make up the cage (or a representation of it) that made up the 'walls' in there (don't want that 21 tons to start moving around causing damage!!!) :)


  12. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Good question Baz, hopefully someone will come up with a useful suggestion. I guess a bit of see throughness through the brake end windows will add realism, so long as it doesn't just highlight the "prismatic effect". From memory the partitioning was a square mesh with about 1" squares wasn't it?

    Last night I made a full set of brass handles for the brake end and I'm quite chuffed with the resulting improvement.

    2handles2.jpg 2handles1.jpg

    One of the handles is at a funny angle as the hole isn't at right angles to the side and one of the the grab rails needs adjustment, it hasn't been "pushed through" the glazing inside I think.

    I have pushed the wheels out on their axles but it's not far enough to give me my required back to back and the central bosses are hard up against the bogie sideframes, so tickling in the lathe is required.

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  13. taliesin

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    Looking good Simon :thumbs: , as an aside regarding the back to back measurement, from memory the quoted figure is 42.2 mm but is this an absolute? How do Slater's 'Finescale' wheels perform given that they are set at 41mm (i think)
    cheers Rob
  14. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    My track (and ScaleOne32 standard) is 42mm across check rails, so in practice your back to back wants to be greater than 42mm. To use Slaters fine you need a tiny bit more as the flange is thicker/less well defined than it should be. On the other hand Mark Woods' beautiful work runs through at a nominal 42mm back to back, as he pushes down to the dimension and his machining and finishing is to a very high standard.

    I'm afraid I get my (G1F) stuff to run by pushing wheels out until they work, and back a bit if I go too far, not very scientific:oops:

  15. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Back to the coach, another thing that I've just twigged from looked at the pictures is the need to cut away the bottom of the inward opening guards doors, I think those doors also want different sorts of handles fabricating.

    A further dis-assembly is indicated:p

  16. taliesin

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    I have seen on another site that someone reckons the height scales out at 10mm, has anyone measured theirs?
    cheers Rob
  17. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    I now have a key prototype dimension (thanks Neil) so if I can summon up the energy I will go and measure one of my coaches.

    Either way it sounds as if I can nuke the plinth and not make the coach too low.

    I'm currently half way through some serious bodgerey on the g1mc mineral wagon, not good for the pinkies.....

  18. Simon

    Simon Flying Squad

    Who was that then Rob?

    I have just measured mine against the dimensions sent to me by Neil (from Parkin I think) and it is exactly to 1/32 scale.

    I measured three dimensions, roof top to rail height, width across body at widest point and width across foot boards.

    My admiration for these coaches increases.

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  19. taliesin

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    On the Fast Forum Simon, cheers Rob
  20. Neil

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    Yes from Parkin.