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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 17 July 2012.

  1. Osgood

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    So does the actual height of the side of a Mk1 equal the scaled height of the coloured side (not including the black plinth), or the height of the coloured side plus the black plinth?
  2. Steve Cook

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    Just for interest, I've measured my coaches up against the measurement quoted in the G1MRA fast forum - 127mm from railhead to top of water filler. My coaches measure 121mm for the same dimension. The dimension should equal 12'7" which is 120.29mm in 1/32 scale.

    I put mine next to a known, accurate 10mm version yesterday, the difference is, unsurprisingly, noticable :)

    In other news, an answerphone message this morning puts the dimensions of the step above the gangway as protruding 7 1/2" out from the flat face of the end and being 45" wide. Roughed out, thats 6mm x 36mm, the model measures out as 11.5mm x 39mm, time for surgery.

  3. Simon

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    Brilliant Steve, time for a bit of cutting!

    They definitely looked wrong on the coach as supplied - I wonder how many will get left as they are?

  4. Heather Kay

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    Most of them, I expect. Remember, coaches are just boxes on wheels for the shiny object at the front to pull. ;)
  5. Steve Cook

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    I think lots of people will cut them down because they make an audible clicking sound even on 10 foot radius curves....there are a few sets on their way within my local group and all are destined for selective trimming.
    Its an easy job....lay a 4mm square section of brass against the roof and use as a guide for a razor saw. Support the outside of the step as you cut as it is all a bit flexible, then quickly tidy up the cut edge with a file. There are four triangular supports moulded into the underside of the step, they will need trimming to suit the revised length. I'm going to live with the over width for the moment as that will require removal of the ends (or working out how best to extract the step itself).

    Couple of photos showing before and after

    Step Mod2.JPG

    Step Mod1.JPG

  6. Bob Reid

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    What people need to know is - who nicked the door handles and set of bump stops from the double doors? :)

    These Mk1s look considerably better than the pre-production shots implied. Sure there's room for improvement - that plinth would bug me and the weedy hinges would need sorted for a start, but they are certainly not without scope - if it takes your fancy that is!
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  7. Steve Cook

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    I shall do the rest after I've been shopping...

    Apologies for the slightly Heath Robinson approach to making a height gauge, but by using a couple of squares and a couple of rulers I reckon the height from top of the roof to the bottom of the plinth is just over 79 mm. Assuming that the target measurement should be 79.63mm (8'4" if I've understood correctly) then the plinth should be included in the height of the side and if it is, the overall measurement is with 0.5mm. Or should we discuss whether I should have included the height of the ribs :D

    Height Gauge.JPG

    Perhaps more importantly than chasing all of the measurements ( :oops: ) is the simple fact that these have run for about 35 real miles now, with just two minor problems - I've lost a couple of door handles and a coupling hook spring retainer needed fixing (Ill do a follow up post later)!
    As ever, you pays your money.....
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    Have you allowed for the height of the wheel flanges? :):):)

  9. Dikitriki

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    I think all these measurements just go to show how good the product is. Speaking personally, I can't guarantee to get a coach height right to within 0.5mm, even on the best of kit builds - there's too much margin for accumulated error.

    Bloody good show I say.

  10. Simon

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    I think Steve did Jim, as that is exactly the result I obtained when I measured mine on the track.

  11. Steve Cook

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    No need Jim, one measurement was from the top of the roof to the bottom of the plinth, so its just the body side that was of interest. When measuring the overall height (rail top to water filler), that was done with it on a piece of track :)

    That two of us with the same result then, excellent. I've decided that dimension wise its plenty good enough for me, time for individualisation (and running, lots and lots of running).
  12. Steve Cook

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    The coupling hook retainer issue mentioned above is another easy fix. As supplied, a simple ring is used to retain the coupling hook and spring.

    Coupling Hook retainer1.JPG

    It works fine unless the ring rotates in service, we noticed after the third loco had been pulling my coaches that the coupling hook was at full extension. Flipping the coach upside shown that the ring had rotated enough for the spring to have worked its way through the gap in the ring

    Coupling Hook retainer2.JPG

    The very quick fix is simply to squeeze the ring together so the ends overlap, eliminating the gap.

    Coupling Hook retainer3.JPG

    Longer term, the coupling hooks and 3 links (just fitted to the outer ends of the BSK) are likely to be replaced with something a bit better looking, I suspect a washer and an R clip will result in a posher, but no more effective solution.


    Apologies for the poor photo quality, hopefully you can still make out what goes on.
  13. Steve Cook

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    Whilst I'm halfway through cutting the steps down...
    On a nine foot radius curve, standard steps




    No more clicking noises :)
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    A nice video showing plenty of the new coaches in operation, Trevor the man behind it all can be spotted as well,

    Given myself a couple of weeks off from milk tankers so nothing to report in that area, been enjoying films like this instead :), cheers to all, Rob
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  15. Simon

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    Am I going mad, or did BR produce "end boards" that fitted over the corridor connector at the outer end of the last vehicle in a train?

    I got a small plastic one with a natty lamp attached with my Bachmann brake composite (I think) and would like to make one or two for my Gauge One coaches. (And yes I know, the lamp bracket is attached to the corridor connector itself:rolleyes:)

    Can anyone come up with any information, why used, when used, when discontinued, why so, pictures of, dimenions or drawings of etc I'm pretty much drawing a blank with Google although I may be missing a"magic" search term?

    Any assistance very much appreciated:thumbs:

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    you're reading too many books Simon:))



    ps any chance of the 121 coming up to the surface of the workbench soon?
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    Yes what has happened to that has it become a cab/shelf queen