Ready to run 1/32 Mk 1 Coaches

Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Simon, 17 July 2012.

  1. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    Hello All

    Here is another video of a southeast GTG last saturday featuring the mk1's. you can see the height difference with the 10mm collett stock.

    Hope you like the video.


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  2. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Definitely!! - Was that a Brit [?] hauling the 21 coach stock?
  3. taliesin

    taliesin Western Thunderer

    It looks like one of Trevor's Brits Adrian, cheers Rob
  4. stuart hithersay

    stuart hithersay Active Member

    Hi all

    Yes it was a G1MRCo Brit. 70014 Iron Duke belonging to my father and fitted with Radio control. TBH it has hauled heavier loads with ease we just ran out of stock on saturday.

    Glad you liked the film.

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  5. milepost48

    milepost48 New Member

    the second run of these coaches had plastic couplers, does anyone knows which Kadee # would fit in the coupler box , the #1900???

    Thank you

  6. David Naysmith

    David Naysmith New Member

    The Kadee metal couplers on my original run of Accucraft Mk 1 coaches had the model number 805-1 stamped on the receiver box.