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Discussion in 'Workbenches, including workshop techniques.' started by David Hall, 13 January 2019.

  1. David Hall

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    Hello all.

    I am just after a bit of advice. I have recently acquired a number of 7mm scale wagons for my embryonic project. Now I intend to model the 1950s/'60s but this lot are finished in 1930s GWR liveries.

    I am thinking about looking for someone to respray and finish these wagons in BR livery, getting it done in a professional manner. Time an circumstances mean that at the moment I wouldn't be able to do it myself. So, are there folk who do this kind of thing around and, if so, can anyone make a recommendation for an individual or company to carry it out?

    Thanks in advance for any leads and many thanks for you time.
  2. lankytank

    lankytank Western Thunderer

    Warren Haywood...? He lives somewhere around where you are.... :thumbs:
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  3. David Hall

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    Thank you that's great. I'll look him up...
  4. Dog Star

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    Warren has done painting and lettering of a JLTRT TTA for us and we are pleased with the result - recommended.
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  5. simond

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    If Warren’s busy, you could also look up Jinty/Jintyman (David) on RMWeb

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  6. David Hall

    David Hall Active Member

    Thanks for that endorsement, I'm going to follow it up.

    Cheers Simon - it's good to have a couple of options so I'll do some further digging.

    Thanks again to each of you for your help.