Richard's Diesel Work Bench 37273 and 46037 and a DJH Class 31

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  1. richard carr

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    I have 2 main diesel projects on the go at the moment, the first is D206


    This is a JLTRT kit that a friend started about 10 years ago and got parked on his to do shelf , so I bought it off him about a year ago in a half finished state. It's not fully finished yet, there are a few more bits to add and I'm waiting for some more green paint to touch in a few things.

    The main differences from the kit are the brass horn covers, which came from a Pete Harvey Class 37 detailing etch and the inner chassis for the bogies.

    This is the replacement inner chassis


    It gives full 3 point compensation over all 4 axles and manages to use the radial bogie castings that come with kit (which is good and really helps it go round corners).
    Horn blocks are made from the brass bearings in the kit with a bit of etch




    It uses delrin chain drive to the 3 main axles, there are no pick ups as this is battery powered loco.


    And the other missing thing is some weathering, it will be some fairly gentle weathering as they were kept reasonably clean at this stage of their lives.

  2. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    The other project on the go at the moment is to give some TLC to 37273. This is another JLTRT kit built loco that I bought from Simon T on here after it had finished it's duties on Aberbeeg. Here it is in the fiddle yard


    Like a lot of well used exhibition locos it has had a few knocks and bumps along the way but it just needs a few minor repairs to get it back into tip top shape.

    The other thing is that I already have enough blue 37s so this one is going to get a repaint into green with a small yellow warning panel. The big question is, should I bother to strip off the old paint, and if so how ?


    I have taken out the glazing already, but I'm beginning to think it isn't worth striping off this paint.

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  3. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer

    Richard and @SimonT

    What is the model painted with? Some combinations of paint and resins can be buggers to strip...

  4. Scale7JB

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    Gosh, exhibitions... Who remembers those?!

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  5. SimonT

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    Halfords primer and Vallejo acrylic paint, none of it labeled BR Blue or Yellow.
    The number on the nose was memorably photoshopped by RM to use a proper BR font as they thought I had made a balls as they knew better. They were, of course, wrong as numbers were hand painted on a selection of Newport locos by a couple of spotters using some gloss red paint nicked from of their dad's garage. He had seen a photo of the loco without RMs contribution and came and told me the story at the Warley Show.

    There was a driver in the valleys who used to put the train reporting numbers on a large piece of paper that he used to hold up in the windscreen for all spotters he saw. We need Driver Lewis to give us his name.

    She is a bit glossy now on the round edges!
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  6. SimonT

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    PS. I used IPA to remove the paint on the 37 I repainted from blue to green.
  7. Steph Dale

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    Hehe, that's what I was wondering; I thought I recalled a conversation... ;)

    Richard, as Simon says, IPA will shift most acrylics and it's completely benign to the resin.

  8. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    Thanks Simon and Steph

    Now I need to buy some IPA any suggestions as to where to get it ?

  9. Stu Fox

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    I bought a 2 litre 99% proof off Ebay a while back. About 20 quid iirc?
  10. Steph Dale

    Steph Dale Western Thunderer


    I get mine from APC Pure go for the 'Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% ACS' stuff.


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  11. paulc

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    Hi Richard , thats a very nice paint job . Do you have any details as to how the radial axle works .
    Cheers Paul
  12. mickoo

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    Wot he said, at least you know it's genuine 99.9%, some stuff I bought off Ebay was heavily diluted and shifted $%£* all, used it soak Barbie coals in the end.
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  13. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer


    The radial axle just allows the axle to rotate a little as it moves from side to side, it just gives it that extra bit of movement to help going round tight curves. It is part of the kit and the real thing used one so I really wanted to use it in my chassis if I could. This is a big bogie and it just about gets through a B6 point.

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  14. eastsidepilot

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    .....yeah, and guess what happens when you put IPA on the coals mate !

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  15. oldravendale

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    I use ACS too, but have previously used RS Components which is another reliable supplier. They also supply in aerosols but I can't think what we may want to use an aerosol for......

  16. mickoo

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    Blown turbo, won't get far, good job the other two are doing all the work :D

    I caught one at Flagstaff, ground to a halt to let the other engines cool down, spoke to the fitter they'd called from Winslow later, said it was a blown turbo and crew were trying to get over the divide 15 miles away the other side of Flagstaff, then take a run through Seligman and hopefully roll up over Yampai (103 miles) and then down into Needles (225 miles) for an engine change.

    BNSF 4992.jpg

    After 40 mins they got going but at a crawl, barely 5-10 mph, the engine wouldn't load up, kept running up to run 5 or 6 then dropping back; they hadn't even got to the steepest part the other side of Flagstaff yet, long and very slow day for the crew. Dispatch had to route everything around it as well, really slowed down traffic that day.
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  17. Yorkshire Dave

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    Used as a switch cleaner :). They are usually supplied with a thin tube to insert in the nozzle to direct the spray.
  18. adrian

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  19. mickoo

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    Beat me to it, we use it to clean circuit boards as well before repairing them.
  20. Lancastrian

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