Rosehearty - GNSR New Aberdour Branch

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  1. John Duffy

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    It is 7mm Julian.

    The GNSR is not well served in terms of pre-grouping equipment but then how many of the smaller companies really are. Even our big companies, the Caledonian and the NB are only lightly provided for. I can use examples from both in BR days though. In that period it actually hosted quite a variety of motive power, so I think I will have plenty to keep me occupied. I am currently trying to consolidate things to the post war to early BR period. Trying to avoid dividing my forces, but not easy when you are prone to flights of fancy!

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  2. John Duffy

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    The pick up goods working back to Fraserburgh, showing some wooden bodied wagons. DAAE5B6C-B783-476E-948C-025D15EC7D64.jpeg
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    This is a very nice layout from what i can see in the pictures,and it looks like a nice simple track plan too.

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  4. John Duffy

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    The branch passenger pauses at Rosehearty.


  5. John Duffy

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    As the line approaches from Fraserburgh it passes through what the locals now call the Major’s Woods, after Major Rodgers who owns the land.
    Today the sun breaks through the dense canopy of foliage, with the railway just beyond in a cutting.

    Towards the edge of the woods the line comes into view.

    And as we look west the entrance to the yard and the lever frame that controls it can be seen.

    Its all quiet now though, nothing moving, just the breeze in the leaves.

  6. John Duffy

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    Overlooking the yard at Rosehearty
  7. John Duffy

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    On a rural branch line at the far end of the network, you never know what you’ll find. Despite being over 20 years since grouping, the GNSR influence is still strong. Here, is a case of “last man standing” with the final GNSR R Class seeing out a few more months trying to avoid the last trip to Inverurie.


    Working a freight back down the branch towards Fraserburgh.


    Passing the station that still has a GNSR notice board on the wall.


    More evidence of former ownership as a previous livery shows through this wagon. It is also working its last few months. Despite being a post war scene, there is little evidence of even the post 1936 LNER livery. Only this van shows the latter numerals.


    The brake van will barely make it to nationalisation before it too succumbs. The ex NB coal wagon will make it beyond 1948 before it is finally replaced by a 16t mineral.

  8. John Duffy

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    The slow pace of life means you can get ahead of the train for a few more pictures. 81020514-9644-4CB9-B621-4D04EB482FD9.jpeg

    Delivered in November 1893 as GNSR no. 87 the R Class was designed by James Johnson, son of the Midland Railway’s S. W. Johnson. The class become LNER G10s.


    The 9 R Class engines were originally used on the Aberdeen Suburban services. Most were withdrawn in 1937 and 7505 was the only one to last into the post war era. It now finds regular employment on the New Aberdour branch.


  9. John Duffy

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    Branch local waits for the off at Rosehearty.
  10. John Duffy

    John Duffy Western Thunderer

    The pick-up goods heading back towards Fraserburgh with GNSR Class R.

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    Hi John
    This is stunning I particularly liked the view through the trees very Very nice
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  12. John Duffy

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    Thank you very much.
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  13. John Duffy

    John Duffy Western Thunderer

    The view looking towards Rosehearty from the Fraserburgh direction.


  14. NHY 581

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    Lovely modelling John.

    I do like the colouring of the layout. Nothing leaps out as being out of place.

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  15. John Duffy

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    Working under the baseboards today and wishing I had made them portable!

    Have grabbed a couple of low level shots;



    now back to my subterranean exploits!

  16. Yorkshire Dave

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    The low or 7mm eye level photos really work.
  17. John Duffy

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    R Class, 7505 caught waiting while the Annett’s key is removed from the ground frame. It will then rejoin its train at the station and continue on its way back to Fraserburgh.


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    Another great shot
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  19. John Duffy

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    Some more photos from tonight’s session;

    The local passenger works it way out along the branch. Next stop New Aberdour.


    Later the local works its way back towards Fraserburgh.


    The pick-up goods moves empty coal wagons out of the way and will replace them with a loaded 16t BR wagon.

  20. Pencarrow

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    Some superb modelling and photos there John. Can't get over how similar to the LSWR M7s your R class are. If I put a finger over the cab sides on your 4-4-0 it could also be mistaken for a LSWR T9 (wide cab \ splasher version).
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