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  1. Arty

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    As all of my recent projects are a bit light on railway content, I thought I'd post a pic of a recent pressure gauge/clock conversion.....................

  2. Puddlejumper

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    That would look brilliant in my garage..........
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    You have a lot of hours in your day, mate.

    As the door closed at 152 after 180.

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  4. Jon Fitness

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    Hmm interesting, I have a spare (knackered) Leyland bus speedometer....:rolleyes:....
  5. Threadmark: Gate mechanism

    Arty Western Thunderer

    I thought I'd put on here some other projects, past & present that have diverted me from my G3 interests.

    An associate at our club who works for the real railway was contructing an N gauge version of Staythorpe Level Crossing, Nottinghamshire.
    So I volunteered :oops: to come up with a mechanism for the single pair of gates.


    So out comes the stash of Meccano gears, some 3/16" silver steel, a couple of axle bearings, a bit of brass angle, some PC board, a geared motor, a couple of microswitches and a few bits of wire - and a DPDT switch.


    And it works :eek:
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  6. Arty

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    I've been diverted back to G1 - 10mm, temporarily, by building some of "Sixteen Mills" laser cut rolling stock kits.
    This one a LBSC 6 ton ballast wagon.

    Plus a few Peco track pins to represent boltheads, drilling th 0.6mm holes was a bit tedious, but worth the effort.

    The axleguards and brake gear are laminated MDF, I fitted some brass tubing as a bearings. These are from a Mid Wales brake van on the go as well.



    Impressed, everything fitted together with no problems.
  7. Arty

    Arty Western Thunderer

    In the middle of kitbashing another of "Sixteen Mills" 10mm laser cut rolling stock kits.

    This kit is the open verandah original North British incline brake van, and I'm converting it to the rebuilt version after 1917.


    It has to be the best brake van ever.



    A bit more work required, strapping and lots of handrails etc.
    This is a precursor to scratchbuilding one in G3. I suppose it's a bit early for my "era" having disappeared prior to WW2, so this one survived in industrial service -- that's my excuse.