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    Minimal rules are the name of the game, we really don't need to make this complicated :)

    The subject will be defined as part of the Group Build.

    There will be a start date to the project, take a photo of the components, kit etc on this day and start a build thread.

    There is a requirement to take photos of progress along the way, post in your build thread according.

    On the finish date, down tools and take a couple of photos to show the end result.

    Feel free to include instructions, methods, research, photos or anything else of interest during the build - either for you to keep a record of what you've done or to help other people along the way. Don't be afraid of asking questions - good natured banter is also permitted (encouraged!).

    At the end of the project there will be a requirement to send a couple of photos to the Flying Squad, these will then be used to create a summary post as a sticky at the top of that Group Build page showing everybody's end results.
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