S7 Group Spring Meeting 13th April 2019

Discussion in 'Exhibitions' started by Mudhen, 20 February 2019.

  1. Scale7JB

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    Well that's a few of us at least..

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  2. farnetti

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    I think there's half a dozen or so of us coming from Devon/Somerset/Wiltshire.

  3. Scale7JB

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    Blimey, I'd best make sure I finish some stock..

  4. Mudhen

    Mudhen Western Thunderer

    A reminder that the Albury spring meeting is this coming Saturday.
    A chance to see the first example of the Masterpiece BR Standard Class 5. Also loads of books, unbuilt kits and parts to sell from the estate of Steve Baldock, all proceeds to his family and Prostate Cancer.
    Everyone welcome, you don't have to be a Scale 7 member.
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  5. Mudhen

    Mudhen Western Thunderer

    You can bring any DCC equipped locos along to try out on Love Lane or the test track.
  6. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    ....and rolling stock..

  7. freelance7

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    Superb day out, and thanks to Tim for organising the event and the ladies for the catering and keeping me topped with tea. It was great to meet up with everyone and have a good chat.

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  8. Heather Kay

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    What Paul said. A lovely day, spent in a relaxed environment, nattering with friends old and new. The nice extra today was the opportunity of a baked spud and salad, and a short drive away a nice big train set to see!

    I’ll be contacting Tim to thank him and the catering ladies properly on behalf of Best Beloved and me.

    I took some photos, so I’ll post them when I’ve processed them.
  9. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Cracking day. Chatting all day inbetween coffee , cake and chilli on jacket pots.,
  10. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Great day catching up with with you all, and many thanks to the catering staff, my better half ,Bett and the other JB's better half, Janet.

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  11. Seahaven

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    An enjoyable day, meeting friends and watching trains, well worth the travel.
    Thank you to Tim for organising and the ladies who managed the refreshments superbly.
  12. DougT

    DougT Western Thunderer

    What an enjoyable day at Albury today. Lovely to meet everyone and chat, and put names and faces to WT avatars!

    Thanks to everyone who organised the day.
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  13. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Thanks Tim for organising, but also to John Birch aswell for not only arranging, but for doing an awful lot of running around and hosting at his home preventing the need to move Love Lane.

    A rare day to play trains all day. Layout and stock performed pretty well, showed one or two issue areas that need further attention to get it bullet proof.

    Nice to see new people, and have a bit of a laugh at Doug's expense. 'ENTER'!

  14. DougT

    DougT Western Thunderer

    Bloomin’ new fangled controllers...
  15. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Some photos from the Albury village hall part of the day.


    Colin Dowling (@eastsidepilot) was showing a selection of Masterpiece Models, including a pre-production example of a BR Standard 4-6-0 (forgive me, I'm not completely au fait with the variations of the Riddles locos, but I expect it's actually the 5MT).


    Colin also had one of the building groups from his Bow Creek layout. Elsewhere on WT you may have seen Colin has been constructing a rather nice large shed for his layout and workshop. I hope we'll be seeing some progress on Bow Creek now it has a proper home! I neglected to photograph the little saddle tank that Colin had brought along. I understand it was scratch built - what else from Mr D? - but beyond that I'm ignorant.


    Phil (@BrushType4) was also there with lots of new stuff on display. After a brief hiatus, Intentio is now back in full swing, which is good to know.


    Richard Carr (@richard carr), centre, was on hand with a DCC clinic. He seemed busy most of the day, so I didn't disturb him. As we all know, I am a complete ignoramus with electronics like this!

    Next, some images from Love Lane.
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  16. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Love Lane, a large "roundy" layout to S7 standards, is now beginning a career on the exhibition circuit. Its first big show was the 2018 Warley exhibition, where it won the "best in show" award. Not bad for a first outing! I understand there are plans being made for a proper operating sequence, and work in ongoing for the scenics, control systems and stock. It was very good to see the entire layout set up and running.

    I'll let the photos speak for themselves. I did take some video, which I might get round to editing and uploading in due course. Don't hold your breath, though!














  17. Oz7mm

    Oz7mm Western Thunderer

    Great pictures Heather.


  18. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

    Heather, the saddle tank was scratch built by Paul Powell ( @freelance7 ) I believe it's an Avonside, I'm sure Paul will elaborate, superb modelling mate :thumbs:
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  19. Mudhen

    Mudhen Western Thunderer

    Thanks everyone for turning up and supporting our event and the kind comments you've made. Particular thanks to those who made it happen, the Love Lane team who assisted in organising and demonstrating, our exhibitors, traders and demonstrators and Janet and Bett who did such a great job in the kitchen.
    many thanks to you all
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  20. Lancastrian

    Lancastrian Western Thunderer

    Another lovely day out with like minded modellers, great to chat to a few people and meet a fellow LYRS member :). Two of my chums from the SR7mm Group came along, and we spent about an hour up at John's with the Love Lane team. I have to say they both left very impressed, although I am unable to coerce them into parting with any money to join the S7 Group.

    Many thanks to Tim and the team for organising the annual event, and to the ladies volunteering to supply us with cuppas, biscuits and cakes.

    I'm currently in the middle of converting a very nice scratchbuilt LYR coach to S7, and at present it is dual gauge !!