Scale7 JB Workbench.

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Scale7JB, 15 April 2010.

  1. Lancastrian

    Lancastrian Western Thunderer

    Wonderful work JB. That really is a vast improvement to the original kit. :thumbs:

  2. 7mmMick

    7mmMick Western Thunderer

    Lovely work JB, I love the cylinder taps and all the detail around the block. It would be a real shame to wave it goodbye.

    I look forward to seeing a Love Lane video of her in action, when Lockdown is relaxed,

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  3. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Thanks everyone for all the comments. Always appreciated.

    Well in a fit of madness and mis-information, I bought a kit off of eBay that just isn't suitable for what i'm doing? So I can either move it on unbuilt, or I can build it to FS or S7 for anyone that is interested?


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  4. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    I saw the J15 in the flesh today. It’s superb. Thanks JB for bringing over.
  5. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Thanks Phil. Glad you liked it!

  6. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Whilst waiting for some further details to come in before my first commission build I knocked this up the other day.


    I'll be moving this on to a new home when finished as its too early for Love Lane, if anyone is interested.

  7. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Coming along. Castings are only plonked on for pictures.

    Not sure whether to do this in FS or S7 in order to sell.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

  8. eastsidepilot

    eastsidepilot Western Thunderer

  9. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Lovely surprise in the post this morning from @eastsidepilot

    Wheels for the J15 now on the home straight before heading off to its new owner.


  10. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Been a bit quiet on the workbench whilst I've been lucky enough to have some work.

    More to come soon thankfully, but whilst I have some downtime, I've been getting the skills back before I crack on with the commission.

    The LNER F7 - Crystal Palace tank which is still looking for a new home when it's complete.

    Trying something new with this one. Split-axle pickup radial trucks.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg