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    The Scalefour Society is very pleased to announce details of its first major exhibition of 2017. This year’s Scalefour North exhibition will be taking place on Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April, from 10 am on each day.

    Scalefour North provides a unique opportunity for like-minded model railway enthusiasts to meet, talk, exchange ideas or information, and generate new friendships or revive old ones. To encourage dialogue between visitors and exhibitors, we don’t place barriers in front of the layouts. Asking advice from the exhibitors is what the show is all about.

    Over the years, many new and innovative ideas which have advanced the art of finescale modelling have emanated from the members of the Scalefour Society. Scalefour North provides the ideal showcase to present these developments.

    The show is at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, 154 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3QX. The show enjoys plenty of space and an open atmosphere for visitors to move around in and enjoy the exhibits. The School is within easy walking distance of Wakefield city centre, and is only a few minutes away from the main bus depot although on-site car-parking is available for visitors that choose to drive. Full catering will be available at the venue.

    Admission prices have been held unchanged at £7.00, and a discounted rate of £6.00 is available for Scalefour Society members. Tickets are valid for both days, enabling visitors to make the very most of their visit. Accompanying partners and children under 16 years of age are admitted free.

    Details are on the Society’s website at

    Watch this space for more information in coming days...

    Paul Willis
    Scalefour Society Marketing Manager
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    And the layouts :)

    At the heart of any exhibition are the layouts, and a superb variety have been selected for Scalefour North 2017.


    Set in the period 1989–July 1991 between the demise of Class 45s and the delivery of Class 60s, which coincides with the last years of Speedlink operations. The layout itself is based around the Burton upon Trent area whilst the trains depicted assume that the service to the breweries lasted longer than it did in reality. All the traffic into the yard did exist on the British Rail system at the time. The trackwork is a mixture of Colin Craig flat bottom pointwork and track, Exactoscale concrete track bases along with C&L chairs, ply sleepers and rail and jigs from the EMGS stores.


    The Light Railways Act of 1896 meant railways could be built and operated at a lower cost. The Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway proposed a line to Cheddar to tap into tourists visiting the cliffs and caves, as well as transporting market garden produce, especially strawberries and, of course, Cheddar cheese. The S&D did not build this line, but this layout supposes it did and shows Cheddar S&DJR in the 1920s.

    The scene with stone, coal, general merchandise and passengers arriving and departing. It was constructed as an entry in the Scalefour Society’s 18.83 Layout Challenge, to build a layout to P4 standards in 18.83 square feet. The track plan is from the Wild Swan’s book Layouts for Small Spaces by Iain Rice.


    Based loosely on Seahouses, the terminus of the North Sunderland Light Railway, Kitehouses represents an independent light railway whose operation was taken over by BR around 1949.. The line staggered on for many years, just about making it into the early diesel era, although passenger traffic was very sparse with freight traffic just about justifying the line’s continuing existence.

    The aim was to build this layout as an essay in illustrating how easy it is to build a starter P4 layout from available ready-to-run and kit items. Exactoscale New Track components were used for making the trackwork. The buildings have been constructed using off-the-shelf kits from Wills and Ratio. The stone walls are out-of-the-box Hornby Scaledale while the cattle dock is a Bachmann resin cast item.


    Leeman Road stemmed from a desire to try-out DCC control and a wish to model part of York depot. The old steam depot as it was between the years 1962 - 1966 was settled on: steam engines were in decline and the depot’s sidings were filling up with new English Electric diesels. An early joy of peeking through gaps led to recreating the view down the street with the boundary fence and street light. Control is by NCE PowerCab, with most diesels fitted with sound decoders. Locos are an assortment of kit built or detailed proprietary ones. York had dozens of ex-LNER V2s, B1s and A1s, with visiting locos and specials all requiring coaling and turning. The backscene is painted in acrylics on a vinyl roller blind to give a sense of depth with no sharp corners.


    Plumpton was a small settlement between Lewes and Ditchling in East Sussex when the LB&SCR railway arrived. A station was constructed in 1863 and Plumpton Racecourse was opened in 1886. The model is closely based on Plumpton in the period 1900-1920. The station limits have been shortened a little, and lay-by sidings have been truncated, with most of the length of each siding off-scene. Other changes made to the facilities are provision of the up bay to add operational interest, principally intended for horse boxes, and a connection from a brickworks at the London end. The layout is controlled by a fully interlocked mechanical lever frame.


    Witton Junction construction started in 1980 and the first part of the layout represented a prototypical model of Wear Valley loco shed, renamed Witton. Subsequently the layout has been extended to include a terminus station, goods yard and dock branch. Typical North Eastern Railway features are included with the station building based on Garforth, the goods shed based on various locations and working NER slotted signals. The layout is very much a work in progress.

    Hopefully, there's something for everyone, and to anyone who says you don't see big P4 tailchasers on the exhibition circuit...

    Paul Willis
    Scalefour Society Marketing Manager
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    What a shame we are not allowed to know whom, or which organisation, is responsible for building the layouts.

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    Who said "not allowed"?

    Since I assume you're actually asking a question, rather than simply making a passive-aggressive statement:


    CHEDDAR S&DJR - Chris Challis

    KITEHOUSES - Tony Sullivan & Dave Hawkins

    LEEMAN ROAD - John Shaw

    PLUMPTON GREEN - Barry Luck

    WITTON JUNCTION - Ken Bateman, Dave Fenney & Ian Sadler

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