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    Third post in but here goes-

    Usually go by Sleeper Agent around the forums (just Sleeper is fine for short). Plenty of things on the ol' wish list but without going down that route i'll state that my modelling interests centre around The Railway Series and the great thing about the books is the amount of lore that Wilbert, George and Christopher Awdry managed to build up over the many years they and the three companion additions were published.
    For those not familiar with the railway history outside of the stories to summarise in brief the North Western Railway set up in 1915 absorbed The Sodor & Mainland (1853) , The Wellsworth & Suddery (1870) and The Tidmouth, Knapford & Elsbridge Light (1885) railways into a joint network that connects into Barrow-in-Furness.
    Surviving as the North West Region and even as the North West Railway again with the end of nationalisation a very wide period is available to model but personally i've little interest with the later BR periods. Being bought up on the initial seasons of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends certain aspects of the show will also be bleeding into this thread and case in point are 'The Old Coaches'.
    Old Coaches
    Old Coaches/Gallery
    These mysterious three appear to have been specially built for the 1983 pilot and were not seen after the few episodes of Season 1 they appeared in and so presumably binned there is little to go off unfortunately. From what I've deduced they were simply freelances made out of plasticard but do bare a passing resemblance to a number of pre-group 3rd/2nd Class builds from around 1880.
    Anywho here's my first ever scratch build coach so far.
    The elliptical GWR Dean style roof is going to be interesting to try and tackle (any tips?) but mostly i'm in need of some leaf springs to further advance. Still newish to G3 so beside Mike Williams's LNWR ones are there any other suppliers out there? I'm looking for quite dainty ones ideally and somewhere around 6ft long or just under.

    Have tried to keep this opening salvo short but happy to answer any questions if curious.
    All the best Steve.

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