Scattergun Something for the Drainspotters

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by geoff_nicholls, 16 February 2018.

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    yes, I did mean 'Drainspotters', people who are documenting the street furniture, such as manhole covers, and grids, often produced locally, before they are replaced.
    These photos show a feature I've never seen anywhere else: metal guttering in the roads. Mostly we have the usual two or three rows of setts in Leyton, London, but in at least two streets Coopers Lane and Rosedene Terrace, we have these plates, which I assume are castings. I first noticed them in the 1980's, I think they're been in place much longer than that. I've not seen any broken ones.
    I know nothing about them, and wondered if they appear anywhere else?

    20180216_120417.jpg 20180216_120413.jpg
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    No idea, but they look a ton better than the drain covers we get over in the USA. Dont want to ride a bicycle over ours.