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    Moving on to something not quite so complex as other kits, but still producing a very attractive loco is a David Andrews kit for an E1. Nothing complicated with this so it’s pretty much a out of the box build.

    D4F44F09-C855-4902-AF05-13E06CB368C3.jpeg FCCD255C-7ECF-4325-9A14-22442FF8678D.jpeg 12879832-9EA2-4021-9F36-C5BAF3983887.jpeg 275F52E6-A307-4729-9297-8B9B6C1E7053.jpeg 6464738E-90B7-4934-8C2C-25FD836281B4.jpeg
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    And now we have a tender!

    09AE7D91-EB14-4746-AD2F-7D5C046886D9.jpeg E104A057-094A-40F3-A880-90DFCCC82B1B.jpeg 3BDB8DA2-7671-4CA8-93CA-C07CCB501782.jpeg
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    The E1 is a lovely loco. I have memories of travelling from Charing Cross to Ashford Works behind 31019 and a T9 - I think it was 30719 but I'll need to check my records. Dunno what year it was, but I remember it was April.

    I'd like to do an E1 - the T9 is a distinct possibility as Finney7 will do one very soon. In the meantime I'll dribble over the E1 build.:)

  4. FuntleyWorks

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    There are some pictures on Flickr of 31019 and 30117 at Ashford 4th April 1961 on a Ian Allen tour. That maybe the one Brian?

    I have 3 T9s to do soon myself! Just started an M7 as well so it seems Southern elegance is much in demand!!!
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    Well I'm blowed! That's the very one! I've never seen a photo of those two locos from that train previously.

    It was the second rail tour I'd ever been on (too expensive to do very often on pocket money). I remember it very well. I'd need to check my records about the exact locos involved, but after the section from Charing Cross to Ashford we had a "Schools" from Ashford to Eastleigh and another from Eastleigh to Waterloo. I left my camera on the train - lost forever with all bar one of my photos at Eastleigh, although I had the Ashford ones on the previous film which was in my pocket.

    Two of the earliest "Schools" to be withdrawn were at Ashford, 30932 and 30933 - I think that 30912 was actually the first.

    Happy days.

    Thanks so much for finding the photo.

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    It looks like 31019 arrived at Ashford and that was where she met her end
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    This gets more wonderful by the minute!

    I was actually unaware that 31019 probably never turned a wheel in anger after arriving at Ashford. Not surprising really, as the Kent Coast electrification was just complete. But it was clearly a loco with a good turn of speed, and I timed the train at one point at 70mph but I couldn't tell you where. In fact I may well be in at least one of those photos, but I'll need to study them in detail to confirm. I suspect I'll have been in school uniform, because that's what we did in those dim and distant days.

    I remember at the time being rather disappointed that the train was hauled from Charing Cross by two old and decrepit locos rather than a pacific of some sort. It didn't take me long to realise just how lucky I had been.

  9. Steph Dale

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    31019 was the star of the class. There's a well known Peter Handford recording of the loco on a fast run. It features the joy of the loco being knocked into full forward at sixty and emptying the firebox through the chimney!

    The phenomenal steaming rate of the boiler meant that the loco was able to continue and with good pace too.

    There's a description of the run in one of the Nock or Holcroft books which makes a very enjoyable read. I'll see if i can find it.

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    Sigh, the day after I was born....
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    Didn't know that, Steph. I was more lucky on that trip than I realised!