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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by spikey faz, 15 March 2018.

  1. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    After the disaster that beset my man cave/work room...



    ...I thought I'd post a few pictures of what I've been up to. I may be the only person on Western Thunder who models in G Scale, but I hope the following may be of interest.


  2. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    ...and a few more.






  3. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    That's very nice work, do you have any overall views please.

    I'm guessing it's scratch built or some serious RTR bashing and based on a South American logging prototype?
  4. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    I like to think we are fairly scale agnostic - especially when it comes to good modelling. The worn paintwork and rust holes look extremely effective.
  5. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Here you go:



    They're both based on LGB models but modified, especially the crane loco. If it's ok I'll post a bit more info when I get a chance. I did a fairly extensive photo record of the crane tank build which I could post.

    By the way, the weathering is down to me and not as result of the ceiling collapsing!

    I was a bit down about the mess in the room so thought I'd put the pictures up on Western Thunder to cheer myself up.

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  6. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    I'd really like to see the crane tank build, what ever you can post would be fine, people round here like photos so I'm sure it'll be well received, especially given the very nice weathering on...well both of them really.
  7. Lyndhurstman

    Lyndhurstman Western Thunderer

    Gosh. I think they're wonderful. The picture of the footplate oozes a feeling of preparing to light up a cold engine, for me (when I was on the footplate, coming into the shed from the recent warmth of the car, there was always that smell of coal, and the lack of warmth on the steel surfaces of the highlighted the absence of soul that only people - and a good fire - could restore).



  8. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    The green engine (no.52) is based on an LGB Baldwin Mallet as used in the Uintah Railway. They had numbers 50 & 51, so I thought I'd have number 52 for my imaginary UK limeworks.

    The crane tank is a type 3 Kitson-Meyer based on an LGB Saxonmeyer. It's quite a radical reworking of the LGB model! As far as I know Kitson-Meyer never did a crane tank in real life, but I thought they needed one added to their catalogue.

    Both engines are not quite finished but they seem quite amenable to me adding bits later on.

    This is the engine I was working on when the ceiling came down.

    20171003_193856(0) (1).jpg




  9. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Hi Jan

    Thank you for your kind comments. ☺

    I've always been more into portraying my locomotives in a careworn state. The Findon Limeworks (which is where these locomotives will run if I ever get round to building it) is extremely strapped for cash. Hence their poor condition. But they are loved by their drivers/firemen.

    My weathering is still in its experimental stages. I've been using a lot of the products and magazines from AK Interactive. I tend to use Halfords spray paint to start with and then the AK Interactive weathering products. The salt/hair spray technique is quite good in this scale, although I over did it a bit on engine number 52! Can still go back and refine it though.

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  10. Steve Cook

    Steve Cook Flying Squad

    Lovely models and weathering Mike, its nice to see some fairly extreme reworking on unusual models :)
    The paintwork / detail on the wood of the Neilson buffer beams is superb, very impressed with that.

    Sorry to hear about the ceiling episode, hope you get it fixed soon.

  11. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Still waiting for plasterer to come and have a look. Ho hum.

  12. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    A couple more pics:



    Can I just say a big thanks to everyone who posted 'likes ' on this thread. They've cheered me up massively! I just want to get the little Neilson Box Tank finished now so I start my next project.

  13. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Just noticed this thread. The other locos look great as well.
    I must ask, where could one find that diamond tread plate?
  14. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Hi Trevor.

    I'm fairly certain it's from the Slaters Plastikard range, but I've had it a long time so could be wrong. If you do get some I would recommend that you glue it down with something like epoxy. A solvent glue will probably cause it to buckle in a most unrealistic way!

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  15. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Neilson Box Tank is more or less finished. 20180427_121851.jpg 20180427_122045.jpg 20180427_122143.jpg 20180427_122340.jpg

    Photo quality is a bit rubbish but only have a mobile phone camera. Would love to have a proper camera but cost is currently prohibitive.

    Got another project in the pipeline but I think firstly I need to knock up a display diorama for my locomotives.

  16. Spitfire2865

    Spitfire2865 Western Thunderer

    Absolutely fantastic. Can you come detail my Neilsons footplate?
    Dont fret about the camera. I have a fancy DSLR and I barely use it as my phone is more convienent and takes just as good photos in most conditions.
  17. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Hi Trevor.

    My Neilsons footplate is just bits and pieces bodged together. I'm sure you could do better than my efforts. Actually it's probably just as well I haven't got a better camera as it would show up all my mistakes even more!

  18. Sleeper Agent

    Sleeper Agent Member

    Some truly wonderful recreations Mike! Your charming box tank is of especial interest to me and wondering if you can tell me a little more about its construction? From what I can tell only the leaf springs and brake stand are from Spitefire's shop and minus some fittings the rest is all plasticard, copper pipe for the cylinders and the Bachmann chassis I can't seem to identify, that correct?
    Back in the day Neilson and Mitchell/Neilson and Company seemed quite happy to keep reinventing the wheel rather than sell a standardised design for a few years at a time so also curious if yours is based on a particular engine that i've not come across in my research, do love the red regardless though :thumbs:
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  19. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Hi Sleeper Agent

    You're right, the Neilson is based on a Bachmann Porter which I picked up off eBay. The chassis and motor just about survived my bodgings but the rest is plastikard and bits of brass etc. I had to modify the piston valve gear with some other Bachmann fittings. Their mail order department is good but you do get hit for import duty. I'll try and post some more pictures.
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  20. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer