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    At the risk of hijacking my own thread ....
    In response to Mr Grumpy's request, here are some pictures of my layout. I'm afraid I cannot resist the opportunity, as it is built in my cellar, not many other people see it, and I'm soon going to move to a new house and so it will all be dismantled with 6 months!

    This is an overview of the main engine yard in the foreground (two 0-4-0 tank engines), sidings behind them (with the Garratt), the through line behind them, and with the coal loader ("screens") in the background, with wagons being loaded there.
    S7 Model Rly 1 small.JPG

    Here is the engine yard. The coal screens and engine shed are scratch-built, using Depron for the walls - if anyone hasn't come across this stuff, it is marvellous. Like fine-grained expanded polystyrene, it cuts easily, is relatively rigid, takes scribed lines for stonework/bricks, paints easily with acrylics, but has the disadvantage that solvents destroy it, although PVA glue is fine.
    S7 Model Rly 8 small.JPG

    Here is a better picture of the Garratt.
    S7 Model Rly 5 small.JPG

    Here is some video of the Garratt moving.

    Did you spot the outside "dunny", as we Australians call it? Second picture. It came complete with man inside reading the newspaper - I had to leave the roof to be removable so that he could be appreciated. Actually we don't call them dunnies now. These days it would be "brick s***house".

    OK, I promise to be back to the 8F after this ....


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    Complete with funnel webs and redbacks?
  3. Mr Grumpy

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    I love the Garret!! Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your house move! Hope you get room for another great layout :thumbs:
  4. DavidinAus

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    Yes, we have whole nests of redbacks in our house. They like the warmth of an air-con. unit. No-one has died from a redback bite in the last decade though (only the elderly or very young are really at risk). Quite nice-looking spiders, and small.
    Funnel-webs are different: big (up to about 10cm) seriously horrible-looking spiders, and very aggressive. One of our friends was bitten recently, and he said it was like being hit with a hammer. It took two lots of anti-venom before he started to feel better.
    SO, brick s***houses are best left in model form ....

  5. Steph Dale

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    I've not seen them, but apparently up until a year or two ago there was a substantial colony of red-backs locally (Filton, North Bristol).

    The cold wet winter of a couple of years ago apparently saw the last of them off.

    For those that don't know, the area is renown for it's (now closed) airfield and the large number of defence contractors in the area. One can only make assumptions as to how the red backs got here...!

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    Depron foam can be glued with UHU Por impact adhesive, which doesn't attack the foam. It is much beloved of R/C model aircraft builders. One chap built a 10 foot span Vulcan GLIDER in Depron using Por.
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    Hello David,
    Assuming they are still available, I would very much like a copy of your 8F instructions