4mm Starting out in pre 1971 kit building!

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    If you do John please share your journey having a dabble.
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    Very nicely done, Ade. Thanks for sharing your journey and techniques - I’m definitely going to give the PVA technique a go.


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    Thanks Jan again to kind, as far sharing the journey, I do like the encouragement and interaction on here. So tend to keep taking photos and posting up stuff helps to keep you focused on a particular model your doing.
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    You’ve made a top job of it, Ade. You’re far too modest. All the plaudits thoroughly deserved and nice to see you’ve helped others along the way. including me :)

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks Jonte.
  6. AdeMoore

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    So back to it in June!
    The meat van if you remember the kit was minus it’s buffer beams so I made those from some plastikard. Also I lost a buffer so scratched one of those from sprue.


    Next painted roof in Humbrol awful finish so needed a flat with some fine grade wet n dry paper.


    Back early in the thread I was asking how to solve the stiff fit on the axles, I found a solution as you may have read earlier.
    My patent tiny screwdriver to reem out the axle boxes!


    Buffers painted with new matt black Humbrol that came out gloss finish!


    Reading a fair bit on weathering and painting many modellers are turning to acrylics, after every paint session with the enamels the brush cleaning fumes were quite heady in the van even with the windows down! So I purchased some dead cheap acrylics to have a play.


    The under frame painted Matt black it covered rather well


    Mixed a bauxite likeness! Not anything like as good coverage as an enamel, but another coat guess mixed did the job. 1 coat below.


    Referring to another of Paul Bartlett’s photo’s BR Meat vans - ventilated & insulated | KDB870082 VAN
    Black wash went on, not very accurately!


    Holiday in North Wales, had a great time modelling in the sunny evenings! In the second photo just beyond the caravan is the Cambrian coast line so had a few trains pass as I was out there, nice that.

    5BCBDB43-CCCB-4874-90C3-1C32555A734C.jpeg 88B08B29-4A7B-46F8-800E-A9F2ECE07843.jpeg

    Ambis engineering coupling hooks made in a batch a while ago filed up and fitted.


    Forgot the transfers, unbelievably still sticky after a float in water and 48 plus years in the box.

    025F950F-F672-464E-9122-40FA2CFF357D.jpeg A29DE117-0FA8-4DC2-B067-CB3643E52F12.jpeg

    Ambis coupling chain made and fitted.


    The number was to long for its position as noted on the photo I linked to, with hind sight I should of trimmed it but I just ran it up the metal corner strut. More black wash went on!


    That’s my 15 photo allowance thanks for looking in more later or tomorrow.
    All comments welcome.
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    So looking ok but mistakenly thought it needed more black!


    Below the bad result of overdoing it!


    The other side not so bad.


    You thought I stopped applying black wash above oh no see below!


    Luckily with persistence a wet brush or the broken coffee stirrer I got it back to a little better look.


    243D44F4-4EF2-453B-BC8B-AC6761083534.jpeg 8DD61783-3D39-477C-8F95-6B5A7B675991.jpeg


    Above still a little to much but I’ll see how it looks when I get it on the layout and decide if it needs a total repaint
    Below roof now stuck on and wheels inserted starts looking the part.

    BC26C767-206B-456E-B41F-59F8C15F3AC7.jpeg 6F0F89E4-67E0-41F1-A4D5-ABF0C4194C8F.jpeg B1D20D49-E45E-4864-9FAD-8594CF3284D7.jpeg

    Roof had a mixed up acrylic grey painted on after the photo, that still needs work.
    But overall not bad and learning all the time.
    Cheers folks.
    Thanks for looking in.
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  8. AdeMoore

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    About there now on this meat van, learned even more. I think I’ve over done it a bit.
    In two minds about representing the rear plate to the coupling hook as BR Meat vans - ventilated & insulated | B870067 = 083315 [6] decided to leave it for now.

    18309B84-D36F-4D31-BAE5-E3C5C6CD5093.jpeg F9475F77-6F30-404E-87D0-9B36D73B0C30.jpeg B1BAB229-538F-4ACD-A7D3-F7367BB30F8A.jpeg

    Tried to be clever at this location for lunch a gate post for the photos the Bristol Paddington line in the background below just missed the class 800 passing! The bush left of the van hiding the yellow rear cab.


    This BR Meat vans - ventilated & insulated | KDB870082 VAN was the prototype I’ve tried to capture.
    As always all comments gratefully received.
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  9. AdeMoore

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    More oil less rust on the axle boxes! Now I’ve had a second look.
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  10. AdeMoore

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    So sorted the oil on the axle boxes and brake pivot.
    Definitely done now. Leaving the vac pipe off at least time being. So on to the cattle wagon.

    0A01D7C5-9A52-4BAA-935A-CA5630123AE9.jpeg E1B2A445-324E-4530-B330-1D73FCEA3497.jpeg 445A6826-5AE7-4581-BABA-E4B425CE5DA9.jpeg C65DB840-D56F-4016-B070-7B79EC466DB6.jpeg C6A78247-C6BA-4D49-A363-7B563F10F281.jpeg

    Cheers all.
    Until next time.
    Remember critique always welcome....
    Thanks for looking in.
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  11. matto21

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    Hi Ade,

    Is your black wash acrylic or enamel?

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  12. Lyndhurstman

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    It looks very marvellous @AdeMoore. Very much the worn and woebegone that you’re basing it upon. Well done.

    Regarding the backing plate for the hook; I tend to get mine ‘all of a piece’ from Lanarkshire
    Coupling Hooks. They are nice, robust castings, that can be fitted with links of your choosing; it’s just a matter of opening the hole to suit.

    Again; nicely done.


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  13. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Hi Matt, Humbrol enamel but there is probably a touch of black acrylic here and there to.
    Do tell more?
    Cheers for the comment and looking in.

    Thanks Jan very much appreciated. Noted on the hook link I’ll use those next time.
    Shame I hadn’t seen them before put in a recent order with them.
    Loco screw couplings I need to source I’ll have look see if they do them.
    Masokits is the only place I currently know for.
    Cheers again.
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  14. Lyndhurstman

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    Yes. Masokits are nice. But accessible only via cheque book - nothing modern. I keep meaning to order some... The Exactoscale ones are beautifully engineered, but hellish expensive. MJT do some very simple ones - but they’re based on flat sheet, so don’t have much in the way of pivot ability. If you want cheap, we’ll thought out, and easy to assemble - as well as being quickly delivered - is heartily recommend Rumney Models N/S screw couplings
    http://website.rumneymodels.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Screw-Couplings.pdf @ £1.50 a pair. I put some on my Palbrick, and I was impressed with them.


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  15. AdeMoore

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    Priceless info, thanks for that Jan. I’ll get some.
  16. matto21

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    Ah good. Acrylic washes are much more difficult to work with than enamel ones because they dry so quickly, and acrylic wash over acrylic paint is even more difficult in my opinion.

    For added control, you could try a cheap satin acrylic varnish before you apply the enamel wash as that will make it easier to manipulate (and remove if you don't like it!). Being satin, the wash should also dull the varnish enough not to have to bother with a matt coat if you don't want to.

    Having said all that, I think the weathered wagon is looking great!

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  17. AdeMoore

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    Matt you’re to kind! But thanks for the tip definitely do that next time. I did struggle taking the wash off without taking the Acrylic off to. So some of the black is covering the holes in the Bauxite red acrylic paint made trying to get the wash off!
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  18. matto21

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    No problem! Just remember that opposing paint types work best together: acrylic paint/varnish then enamel wash. Otherwise they mess each other up and ruin your paint job!
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    Thanks Matt it’s logged for this next one.
  20. AdeMoore

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    As I built the shell wrongly the doors didn’t fit and had to be show bowed out, I decided I couldn’t live with it so went into surgery!


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