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  1. Lyndhurstman

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    Very Nice, Stu. Wiggly Tin To The Fore!

    For those (like me) who are fascianted by the variety and ingenuity of human industry, the Quonset differs from the Nissen so:

    Quonset: the Nissen Huts’ American Cousin…


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  2. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    A bit more paint.

  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    Nice work :thumbs: - another technique to plagiarise.

    Noticed your moniker - Shouldn't it read a Welshman in West Wales just to confuse everyone! :)
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  4. Stubby47

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    It would certainly confuse me !
  5. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    More paint, slowly building up the required grubbiness.


    It still need glazing and a door handle, plus a piece of cardboard as the concrete base.
  6. Paul Cambridge

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    That looks the business Stu. Just need to build another 30 for that model of an army stores depot..... (Think the one that used to be a Taunton).
  7. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    One is plenty, thanks Paul, especially as I've done this one twice already.
    I'll take some photos of it in its planned location over the weekend.
  8. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Veering slightly off my own topic, here are some un-cropped photos of DM Four Mill Something.

    20180907_180341.jpg 20180907_180309.jpg 20180907_180317.jpg
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  9. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Back to the caravan.

    The plain cladding has been added on the top edges of the main sides, and air vents installed over the door and windows. Window cills have also been added.
    One end panel has also been cut, the other end will be finished once the main shell is glued together.

  10. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    And a slightly better photo, now it's partially stuck together.


    The corners will be covered with L section, the inside will be mainly from mount board, the window & door frames will be cut on the Silhouette and painted separately before attaching.

    It also needs legs, lower panels to hide the under-gubbins and a towbar.
  11. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    I've been adding some internal detail. This was requested to be minimal, so I've kept it so, sort of.


    Still need to finish off the seating area, add a table, and behind the near side wall add a fireplace and some cupboards.

    Oh, and the beds too. Plus finish the sink and paint it all a suitable colour.

    I also realise I've added a wall cupboard over where the hob was going. Need to fix that.
  12. Pencarrow

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  13. Peter Cross

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    These going down the pan as usual.
  14. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    ...and here's me thinking this was a nice forum... :)
  15. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Seating added.


    (I do feel, judging by most of the other workbench threads, I should have built this in brass rather than plywood, plastic & card.)
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  16. Paul Cambridge

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    There’s nothing wrong with plywood, plastic and card. Seems appropriate materials to me for a static scenic model. Brass would have been a lot harder work and I don’t see what you would have gained. The real thing, I think, has a wooden frame, with lots of ply and plastic trim. Not sure about the card, but they are built to a price and may well have some card somewhere! The outside cladding would be plastic or aluminium; the later doesn’t solder too well either.
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  17. Pencarrow

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    As Paul says, completely appropriate materials for the project. To be fair quite a few of the workbench threads use plastic, strip timber, resin, 3d printing, laser cut ply/mdf etc. You should have a look at Peter Insole's buildings - very inspirational... (looking for thread).
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  18. Pencarrow

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  19. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Thanks for your support - the suggestion was partiality made in jest as a tribute to some of the amazing work elsewhere.

    It is, of course, a matter of using suitable and appropriate materials to replicate the prototype, or having the skills, confidence and tools to fabricate an item from unusual or frankly absurd materials.

    Brass monkeys, anyone?
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  20. Stubby47

    Stubby47 Western Thunderer

    Doors & window frames drawn up (and cut) for the caravan.

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