Talerddig Mk ll: finally some fact instead of a lot of fiction

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by matto21, 23 July 2017.

  1. matto21

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    Hi all,

    Having been inspired by the layouts, big and small, here (and elsewhere), I've decided to bite the bullet and have a go myself.

    As space and motivation won't allow a large layout, I thought I would focus on something small. I had a layout (some may remember Talerddig) but that was a long time ago and as I've not done much modelling in the interim years, I want to have a go at something small I can work on indoors (on the table!).

    The trackplan I'm working to is mocked up below and is dictated by what I have available. Points will be Peco Code 75 and plain track is C&L.

    The top right track will be to "a fiddle yard" (one day) and everything else sidings so I can use my existing freight stock.

    Progress won't be fast, but I'm going to give it a go!


  2. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    I plan on paper, build the board then generally modify the plan on the board, then explore all the other possibilities on the same plan, do a temporary wiring job, start to play and get no further :confused:

    Lot to be said for a simple micro as a test bed, for running some stock and as a scenic photo backdrop.
  3. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    I don't even get that far usually!

    Couple of hours of dodgy woodwork later...

  4. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Bit of progress...

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  5. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Will the theme be BR blue again, Matt, set in an isolated Welsh setting?

    I sincerely hope so.

    Glad to see some progress.


  6. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    I thought that you were building a layout..... not a shelf :D
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  7. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Hi Jonte - that's certainly my plan - run down and overgrown!

    That's Plan B!
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  8. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Building underway. If I don't watch out, I might actually make progress here!

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  9. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    ..and he nailed the planks on himself :thumbs:
  10. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    In the time it's taken me, I probably could have!

    I accept a structure this small wouldn't have had two chimney pots but it looked wrong without!


  11. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Remade. Came to the conclusion that V1 was out of proportion and scale.

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  12. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Here's the kind of presentation I'm going for. Actual backscene will hopefully be curved.

  13. ceejaydee

    ceejaydee Western Thunderer

    Liking your progress :thumbs:

    That is something that I must try at some point, not only to frame the scene but also for dust and environmental protection.
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  14. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Forgot this pic...


    It's still pretty light as well.
  15. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    I've dug out this Wills Platelayer Hut kit to practice some paint effects on the roof. Hopefully this resembles rusty corrugated iron...


  16. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer


    Pray tell, Matt, how did you pull it off?

    I'm guessing grains of salt?

  17. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Thank you Jonte. AK Interactive Worn Effects actually!

    Here's the thing almost finished.




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  18. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    I see.

    Think that's stuff I bought a while back which I've yet to use, but which is the industry's answer to the hairspray technique if it's the same product.

    From my American friends, I believe it's easier to use and provides a finer 'blistered(?) effect than the cheap hairspray. Your photos would bear testament to that if so.

    Did you use acrylics, Matt, as I've yet to see it used with enamels which I prefer?

    Nice work all the same.

    Best wishes,

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  19. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Hi again Jonte,

    Yeah, basically it is hairspray in a jar with an extra few £££'s added on! Having said that, I've used hairspray in the past and in my opinion, this is much easier to use.

    I always use acrylics for painting. I'm not sure this would actually work with enamels because you need to use water to produce the "worn effect". I can't see that water would penetrate the enamel top coat but I'm sure someone will prove that wrong!

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  20. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Yep, that makes sense, Matt.

    Thanks for letting me know.