Talerddig Mk ll (micro layout)

Discussion in 'Layout Progress' started by matto21, 23 July 2017.

  1. matto21

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    Latest project:



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  2. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Some more progress. Just needs a coat of Matt varnish to finish it off now:

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  3. matto21

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    Well I seem to have lapsed into a period of inactivity again. It's been a while since I've done anything layout-wise.

    Mind you, it's been a busy 4 months of work-work and work on the house (including a new floor, new bathroom, boiler and repainting...plenty more to do too) which meant the layout was put to one side. Oh yeah, and we're expecting our first baby!

    So, during all the tidying up, I got the layout out from where it'd been shoved.

    Having looked at things this morning, I think I'm going to raise the trackbed slightly to get away from the "flat board" look it would have had otherwise. Luckily when I cut the hole in the backscene, I left enough room because I didn't feel like opening this up further!

    You can see there's enough clearance to allow this in the pic below:


    Note levitating house!

    I can then have a slight downhill slope to the baseboard edge. What do you think?

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  4. ceejaydee

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    I think that you may need an old priest and a young priest :eek:

    But getting away from the flat board look is always good :thumbs:
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  5. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    Welcome back, Matt, and congratulations!

    A great idea to raise the track bed IMHO. Perhaps a strategically placed culvert running beneath?

    You’ve probably already thought of that though.

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  6. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the comments guys. Jonte, you may remember that Talerddig Mk I had a culvert...
  7. jonte

    jonte Western Thunderer

    I do indeed.
  8. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Sorry for the random diversion, but I uncovered this today while having a clear out!




    Never finished that either!

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  9. ceejaydee

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    At least you got track down and ballast; my last effort which was US outline never got further than mock-ups and a bit of playing. The board never moved but is currently home to a toolbox and a number of woodworking planes :rolleyes:
  10. jonte

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  11. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Managed to pick this up for a good price the other day. Been after one for ages. Might have to relocate the layout!

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  12. matto21

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    It's B(aby) -32 days. I'm probably not going to get much modelling done after, so I thought a quick project might be in order!

    Always liked the ex-LMS brakevans and have one knocking about here. I previously repainted and built a ballast box from plastic card. I thought reworking this might be a bit of fun.

    I've stripped it down and removed my paint job using Fairy Powerspray. I'm planning on a few quick tweaks and a repaint.

    Tweaks will be:

    Replace rainstrips
    Add glazing to the duckets
    Add the metal reinforcement strip (?) above the bufferbeams
    Replace the buffers with ones from Lanarkshire Models


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  13. AJC

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    It's a nice model, isn't it? The thing that makes the biggest difference to this model is to replace the roof. Here's one I made earlier on a Bill Bedford chassis (and which needs weathering, though I have stuck the thing down since!). I formed this from two layers of 20 thou' heat formed around an [empty] wine bottle. Masochistically, I replaced the handrails but I'm not sure that's essential; it's a huge fiddle and drove me bananas.

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  14. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    That looks great!

    I don't think I'll go as far as replacing the handrails but I had considered the roof. However I have just changed the rainstrips so I'll wait to see what it all looks like before making a decision!
  15. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

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  16. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Some painting progress:


  17. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Apart from markings, I'm calling this done.



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  18. Lightman

    Lightman Active Member

    A surperb model and beautifully weathered. I looks as if it was well used! cheers, Earl
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  19. matto21

    matto21 Western Thunderer

    Thanks Earl, I'm pretty pleased with it. In hindsight, I wish I'd thinned the stanchions on the underframe...maybe next time!
  20. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Nice - but I still think a new roof would compliment the lovely paint finish... ;)

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