The Bear(e)s on tour in 2020

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    After a jolly good holiday near Fort William in 2017 Peter feels that we need to refresh ourselves again, so there is to be another summer break travelling on and photographing the West Highland Line and the West Highland Extension. The date of our travels in the West of Scotland is likely to be the last week of June and the first week of July. Jeanpaul (@lnerjp), might you be at FW during our trip?

    As well as the real thing we are thinking of visiting the Perth Model Railway Show...

    Left over from our last tour are:-

    * Bo'ness Railway (Martin, (@Martin Shaw) which is a good day to visit?)
    * Tanfield Railway - any WTer act as a guide or volunteer here?
    * Beamish - same question as for Tanfield.

    Any other suggestions for railway themed activities north of the border?

    thank you and regards, Graham
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    The railway is running on 27,28,30 June and 1,4,5,7,8 July, trains depart Boness at 10.45, 12.10, and 14,10 on all days. If you can predict sufficiently in advance and subject to availability I'll try to get 419 for your visit. There is plenty to see so allow a full day, access all areas as they say in the entertainment business. I have PM'd you.
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