THE Christmas show - Manchester 2 & 3 December 2017!

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  1. Ian@StEnochs

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    Ken & I travelled down to the show on the Saturday arrived about 12.00 when it was really busy and difficult to squeeze around. However it did ease up later and we got to see everything. We were staying overnight, for a bit of a pub crawl and visit to the East Lancs on the Sunday. It would have been appreciated if there had been a facility for overnight bags to be stored.

    An Excellent selection of layouts all well presented. It was difficult making a selection for the best layout, all had their merits. St Just was excellent but the mix of pre group GWR and warships at the same grated a we bit. Bridgewater is very nice and operates well but everything looks too clean, especially the ballast. Cirencester looks the part and I really appreciated the toned down liveries on the stock. Nice to see some of the less popular prototypes too. Manor Quarry, while very small, had a lot of interest and Campbellā€™s Quarry shifted a lot of sand in a very entertaining way and the sound added to the effect unlike some other layouts on the circuit.

  2. Ian Smith

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    Glad you enjoyed yourself on St. Ruth. May I offer the group's thanks to yourself and our other guest operators over the weekend. You all picked up the workings of the layout very well, and all seemed to thoroughly enjoy yourselves.
    I did manage to get out in front of the layout while your LNWR Railmotor was stretching it's legs, and also managed to snap a couple of photos on my mobile while there :
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    Thanks for that - it is appreciated.
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    Gentlemen, St Ruths was a worthy winner of its gong.
    An excellent layout and it even impressed my wife, no mean eventuality I assue you. ;)