7mm The Derby Line - JLTRT 7813 Freshford Manor

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by dibateg, 29 October 2011.

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    Hello Peter -
    The tool boxes were obtained directly from Malcolm Mitchell. I actually left the padlocks off, on the basis that in 1957, they would not have been used. The etchings are excellent. Also, as to the year of 1957, I suspect the loco will have still had it's exhaust steam injector. So I've taken off the live one and substituted pipework. Sharp eyed readers will spot the 3rd pipe coming from the manifold as the loco is readied for a track test. I must remember to screw the vac pump back in place!
    I must thank everyone for their input on this thread.
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    Meanwhile I've pressed on with the MMP Class B tank. It goes together nicely, just the non-metal stuff to put on now.

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    Hi Tony,
    So you couldn't be arsed making a few spanners! Only joking.

    Despite the odd choice of wheels by your client, it's a fine build. I really like the all metal appoach of the old Mitchel kits as opposed to the cast resin/cast metal firebox and etchings. Takes more time and skill to get right but is more satisfying to my mind, and looks better in the raw. That said, it makes no difference once the paint is on.