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  1. John K

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    I am conscious that I haven't contributed anything much to this forum for ages.
    So here is a completely uncomplicated 7mm loco built from an excellent kit.
    The kit and the build are unremarkable, but the story behind it is s little unusual for me.

    Our club's new project is an ambitious 7mm NG layout based on the real location of the Kemsley paper mill owned by Bowaters (apostrophe optional). The layout needs some specific locos and two of us bought a kit each to build. We then had the idea that it might be faster if my friend built both narrow gauge engines I built something he wanted in exchange.

    Hence I was handed a kit for the ex-GE J68. I am in the middle of a big loco build which will take months, but the J68 looked like a wonderful short term diversion
    Three and a half weeks after picking up the box it looks like this.
    It has been tested with an old motor and it runs properly, but I'll pick up the proper ABC unit at the Reading trade show. I expect it will get a Zimo 645 sound decoder but that will be up to its new owner.
    It's just had a blow over with a bit of Upol Acid 8 so I can spot and correct the grot and other imperfections.
    I have fitted sprung hornblocks from NMRS but it is otherwise an out of the box simple build.
    The joy comes from having something substantial moving quickly across the bench and building from a kit where everything fits together; and where the white-metal castings are good enough to use.
    I'm not sure which one of us is doing the final painting numbering, glazing and lettering, but I'll post a couple of photos when it's done.
    John K

    IMG_2845.jpeg IMG_2846.jpeg
    Edit: The photos are really helpful for spotting the bits that need smoothing out or filling in.
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    Very nice, John. As I'm not into who produces what for the GER - who's the kit producer?
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  3. John K

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    I'm sorry - I should have said the kit is produced by Jim McGeown at Connoisseur Models.
    Connoisseur Models Home Page
    John K
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  4. Scale7JB

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    They're great kits, and very good value with perhaps some of the best castings out there. I've done 3 of them so far, with a further Big Jim J67 sitting under the bench awaiting an identity, long story..

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    As if Love Lane didn't have enough J tanks

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  6. SimonT

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    You could have a change with a 94XX! Very realistic loco to have in that part of the world (if we pretend that Stratford let it out of the yard rather than winge).
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