The Sheep Chronicles. Dipping a hoof in a bucolic backwater....or two......

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    20180530_203838.jpg 20180120_182615.jpg 20180514_205709.jpg 20180521_214721.jpg 20180602_100824.jpg Evening all.

    By way of an introduction, I shall post a few photos and an overview of one of my layouts.

    Mutton is the only intermediate station on the Lamb Regis branch in Devon.

    The branch was home to three Adams radial until they were displaced by the arrival of Ivatt 2.6.2t.

    The overall size of the layout is 10ft with a scenic section of 4ft ( 120cm x 40cm). The base boards are all from IKEA and in the case of the scenic board, this is top from a TV table with the fiddle yards being two shelves.

    Track is PECO code 75. Electrics are minimal with points actuated by 'pokey finger'

    Buildings are detailed Bachmann Scenecraft with other detail such as lamps, loading gauge being scratch built..

    Buffer stops are altered PECO with platforms using edging from the same source.

    All stock is RTR. from either Bachmann or Hornby.

    Still a few jobs to attend to but Mutton is just about there really.
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  2. NHY 581

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    20180207_212618.jpg The station building at Mutton is the Bachmann 'Woody Bay'offering, suitably weathered. 20180318_213550.jpg
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  3. Heather Kay

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    I see Ivo's on the case.
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    You know, it’s unashamed OO, has no ‘finescale’ pretensions and it’s not a prototype that would normally interest me...but...there’s a sense of space and a splendid rendition of colour that really appeals to me. Very much more than the sum of its parts. Congratulations NHY 581.
  5. Dan Randall

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    An excellent introductory post and a lovely layout with well observed colouring and weathering - well done and welcome to WT! :thumbs:


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    Nice layout, like Dan says nice colouring and weathering too. Where are the sheep though ? not even a cattle wagon , very disappointing !
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    Lovely stuff, I'd seen this layout over on the the "other place" and thought it looked excellent! ;)

    Refreshing to hear there's no electrics "electricks" too.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Really nice can just imagine being there with limp cheese sandwiches and bottle of tizer watching trains come and go
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  9. NHY 581

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    Thank you all for the lovely comments. I am pleased with how Mutton has turned out.

    It was inspired by Combpyne but I made it a bit more interesting to operate by expanding the trackplan a little.

    Its next exhibition is at the Cardiff show in October this year. I have a few small jobs to attend to before then but nothing too dramatic.

    Here are a few more images. 20171122_040816.jpg 20180428_132029.jpg
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    By way of a taster, here are a view or two of Muttons predecessor, Sheep Lane.

    Sheep Lane got me out of a rut. Failure to complete a large loft project had left me somewhat frustrated and in no way an active modeller.
    Despite having a lot of stock, nothing was happening.
    A chance conversation with a work colleague led to me helping out with a local model railway show which ended with me promising to build a layout for the following years show in 2016.

    A rummage in the attic afterwards found a shelf from IKEA, 110cm x 26cm. This formed the scenic section and a second shelf measuring 80cm x 26cm was purchased for the fiddle yard. Total cost of base boards, £18.00..
    Peco track recovered from the aborted big layout provided all that was needed. ( Since provided track for Mutton and Bleat Wharf, current build)

    12 months later it appeared as promised at the Small Cardiff show in 2016, my first ever appearance showing my own work.

    This then is Sheep Lane, 1950s ex S&DJR goods yard, some where in Somerset.


    2017-06-08 18.20.56.jpg 2017-03-26 15.19.51.jpg 20180204_215013.jpg 2017-04-29 17.20.42.jpg 20180610_225820.jpg 20180512_222356.jpg 20180415_114605.jpg 20180414_082003.jpg
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  11. adrian

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    It sounds like a fun little project - motivating to get something finished. Thanks for posting there's some nice little detailing but as mentioned by Dan the colour balance is really nicely balanced and really helps to give the layout atmosphere.
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  12. NHY 581

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    Thanks Adrian.

    I am very much a 'small layout' modeller now.
    I like the opportunity to apply various techniques and levels of detail to a small area. Sheep Lane was very much a test bed on which to experiment on. Both Mutton and Bleat Wharf have benefited from and built on this approach.

  13. Dog Star

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    May I suggest "Ewe Street" for a future model?

    Cue other spurious and appropriate layout names....:thumbs:
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  14. NHY 581

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    I have a few in line. Next layout, to compliment Mutton, will be the terminus of the line at Lamb Regis. (No intention to do the junction station at Eweminster)

    I have then pencilled in Ramsbottom Street which will be an ex-Midland terminus in Bristol. This will feature a narrow street close to the station called Ramsbottom Passage.

    In the background is a possible foray into ex-Great Western territory set on the Lamb Valley Light Railway which will be a small through station called Lambstock.

    Finally, a small industrial layout located in Somerset called Sheep Dip.

    That should do for now.

  15. Alan

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    Good to see you over here Rob.
  16. NHY 581

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    Thanks Alan.

    It seems rather nice.

    I can see a lot of chums are also here.

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  17. NHY 581

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    Staying with Sheep Lane for the present, I found myself thoroughly enjoying having a layout not only to play trains on but on which to try new ideas.

    It is also very portable being only 110cm long by 26cm wide. Sheep Lane normally lives on top of the china cabinet but within five minutes can be on the dining table and operating.
    At exhibitions, I can be ready to go in 20 minutes from arriving.

    Sheep Lane also serves as a bit of a photo plank and as such most newly weathered stock is photographed here.

    Here are a few more photos.

    Rob. 2017-03-26 15.23.40.jpg 20180406_140432.jpg 2016-05-30 07.17.50.jpg 20180616_204620.jpg 20180712_160327.jpg
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  18. Chris Veitch

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    Great weathering, clever lighting and a nice plain background - an excellent demonstration of how good RTR can be. Top work.
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  19. NHY 581

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    20180412_045731.jpg 20180403_141730.jpg 20180402_101240.jpg 20180403_141502.jpg 20180402_103558.jpg Thank you Chris.

    I try to keep things simple and use what anyone would have ready access to.

    With the exception of the L&SWR ground frame ( which can be removed) and one cast L&SWR sign, Sheep Lane could be anywhere and such most locos look at home thereon.

    In keeping with Western Thunder, here are a view or two of a Pannier. It's a Bachmann 57xx and will be the subject of a bit of work in due course to add various etched bits and bobs, lamp irons, window bars, glazing etc.
    It will stay as 7717 as this was a Cardiff loco.

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    Quite refreshing too !