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Discussion in 'G1/32' started by Tom Insole, 26 December 2019.

  1. Tom Insole

    Tom Insole Western Thunderer

    Ignoring the reverser problems for now I set back on with a few little details I knew I could make real easy
    foot back.jpg
    Laser etched 1mm acrylic and then cut to the right size to look like wood plank. I'm really hoping I can paint this without loosing too much detail when it comes to paint!
    seat box battery.jpg
    Here you can see it in place. Batteries cleverly hidden behind ;)
    seat pan etch.jpg
    I then etched a 2mm piece and ruffed it up a bit with a blade to weather what will be the seat. a few chunks and a coat of primer later....
    Primer seat.jpg
    Happy with that so I stuck it on with the faithful masking tape underneath until I can work out a snug fitting to stop it falling on a slant into the battery box. The battery pack is very snug in the space so I can't really get away with a tab on the inside of the cab otherwise I'd not be able to get the battery pack out. the right solution will come in time.
    seat box.jpg
    side view.jpg
    a little side view to show the only other little detail done today.. the "Zorst" hanging out the side of the frame. That's me clocking off for the weekend. See you all next week!
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  2. Peter Cross

    Peter Cross Western Thunderer

    Looks good.

    I'm afraid I really do not like graining on plastic to look like wood. Any roughness in modeling scales is minute. Better done with paint I feel.
  3. Tom Insole

    Tom Insole Western Thunderer

    Thanks, I’m more just playing with different techniques to see how it goes, my grain is probably horribly out of scale too but without having a real one in front of me I can’t properly judge it.
    Hopefully my painting skills will do it justice too
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  4. Tom Insole

    Tom Insole Western Thunderer

    Not much to update but a small badge..
    bit the bullet and printed the name plate on the Projet resin printer with beautiful results!
    Left resin, right FDM I think we have a winner!
    Tacked in place.
    The other development is the financial advisor has approved planning permission to lay some track on the balcony!
    It’s educational for the daughter of course ;)
    So I sketched up a rough idea of first planning. Something that will be waist height wall mounted that should fold up against the wall to improve space as we only have a small balcony!
    Nothing spectacular but we’ve all got to start somewhere and I grew up watching a little Merlin potter around on a similar looking wooden raised railway!
    Not me as a kiddo but the old neighbours little one (I was a mere 13yr old photographer in this shot) Sorry @Peter Insole haha photograph is surfacing again!
  5. mickoo

    mickoo Western Thunderer

    Regarding the seat cover, rather than a tab to stop it falling in, is there space in the rear corners for some 1 mm wire? If so, cut some the same length as the seat front wall and stick into the (shown in red) rear corners, they'll hold the rear corners up a treat.

    seat box battery.jpg

    Better yet, if you have a little more room then fit 1.0 mm ID 1.5 mm OD tube in there, then add small wire spigots to the underside of the seat, that'll not only stop the seat falling in, but also falling off.
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  6. Mike Trice

    Mike Trice Western Thunderer

    Another option might be to glue the two timber grained items together into an "L" so they come out as a unit. You could then add a strip on the rear wall for the seat to rest on and the battery could still be removed. You appear to have a small recess on the sides of the bunker that a corresponding tab on the seat would clip into to hold it in place. Hope I have described that well enough.
  7. Tom Insole

    Tom Insole Western Thunderer

    Not tons of progress but some minor changes made.
    Made a resin print of the door and it’s tons nicer than the old FDM version
    The inside doesn’t look like it’s been sprayed with quick expanding foam for a start! And then the Louvres are super attractive.
    The other little tinker made was after trying rod in the corners I settled for a central based section like so...
    The block on the underside of the seat sits it back and a rear mounted plate stops it dropping through. It’s also thin enough to make the battery pack super snug!
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  8. Tom Insole

    Tom Insole Western Thunderer

    Doesn’t seem to be much happening with lots of other jobs to tackle and not getting much time to play. Never the less I got a little bit of time to play with some potentiometer gears with a push/pull lever..
    The concept idea works. I’m a little concerned the gearbox I have made is a bit chunky and a little stiff to actuate. Some work may be needed to streamline it but I’m happy I could make it work on the loco
    Still might be able to trim a little off it width wise. We’ll see! Have a great weekend
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