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    They also had trycocks, so therefore retaining the ability to determine the approx water level, if for example the gauge glass burst. The need for independent water level indicators has been enshrined in law for many years and I can only assume that it is the use of meths as a fuel and the low water content of a typical gauge one boiler that makes it less of a liability, and thereby excused the inspection and insurance regime for bigger boilers. I would be interested to know where the line is drawn though, most 5" and 71/4" locomotives seem only to have one gauge glass, anything bigger I've come across, invariably two. I'm pleased to hear there has yet to be a problem, long may it continue.

    Fair enough, that was the nub of my question, and it was by no means a criticism of TME models, I would be very pleased to own one.

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    Looking at the tenders, I am wondering whether the paint colour on the LSWR ones is correct. It may just be an aberration of the photo, but Urie Sage green was only a little lighter than the Southern Maunsell green, as far as I know. The green on the LSWR tenders looks very pale, like the earlier Drummond green. I hope it is correct, as I have one of these in LSWR livery on order!
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    Which one? The problem is that there were at least three colours to my knowledge, and that's without differences between the works. It's true that the LSWR Urie green is very close (possibly even identical) to the early/Eastleigh SR 'Olive Green' colour, but way out from either the 'Dover' (almost SECR green) or 'Sage' colours (which was both darker and bluer in hue).

    I suspect they're all the right sort of colour for what they're representing.

    At this point @warren haywood will appear and tell us we're all far to prescriptive about the colours we paint our trains... :)

  4. Thirtysecond

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    The bible of southern liveries is the HMRS publication "Livery Register No3 - LSWR and Southern" which contains precise paint swatches. Here is a photo of the relevant swatches from that publication. As you see Urie LSWR loco green is very pale, almost a pea green. That swatch, coinciding exactly with the Precision Paints version, was used to define the paint colour mix in Trimite for the late LSWR locos. The earlier Drummond green is DARKER.

    After the colours were mixed, all 25 customers, including me, received a metal plaque painted with the exact paint to be used on their model for comment and approval. No comments, adverse or otherwise, were received from anybody!!

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    Hmm, I'm not sure about use of the word 'precise' to describe the paint swatches, but concede that there has to be a baseline somewhere. I also suspect that the matches were done with modern pigments, so there's bound to be some variation.

  6. adrian

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    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: - now that is customer service.:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: An impressive attention to detail and it appears benchmark for keeping the customer informed.
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    I knew that a question about colours would be contentious! That wasn't my intention, but I was trying to reconcile the (apparent) darkness of LSWR N15s when compared to the same loco in Southern green in black and white photos, and the colour of the "early" N15 736, as shown on pages 10 and 11 of the Peter Swift's Locomotives in Detail book on the King Arthurs. Also, the Urie Sage Green in Brian Haresnape's "Railway Liveries 1923-1947" is again a different shade. Of course, colour rendering in print is never going to be 100% accurate. Incidentally, although I received a paint sample swatch from Chris for my BR version 30788, I didn't get one for the LSWR one, as I ordered that very late following a cancellation.

    Anyway, I'm sure that the finished loco will look very handsome in the colour that has been chosen.
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    Not only that Adrian but customers get an illustrated multi-page Newsletter every 3 months or so summarising the state of the build. Here is the front page of an early one. We re up to No 10 now.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 09.45.49.png
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    Take it from me Geoff that everybody who has seen the LSWR version wishes that that was the livery they had chosen (including me!). The LSWR versions with their polished steel handrails look stunning .

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    I agree, that is a very good looking livery! Next job is to get some coaches to run with it. I have some LSWR non-corridor stock from J&M, currently in LMS livery (!), so I may get them re-painted into either LSWR salmon pink and brown or 1920's Southern green. Does anyone know who could do a good and not-too-expensive repaint of 4 coaches? I might do it myself, but don't trust my paint detailing ability that much!
  11. Thirtysecond

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    Depends what you mean by "not too expensive". I would say that you could expect to pay between £80 to £100 per coach for an acceptable quality (to go behind TME locomotive) depending on livery and whether lining is required.

    No connection with any of the names below, but worth a call.

    Dave Walker Cromford Designs - davewalker@cromforddesigns.co.uk 01924 220859
    Windrush Lines ~ RDT@Mosedale.mail1.co.uk 01285 862440
    Berry Hill Works - matt.acton@hotmail.co.uk 01623 624362
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  13. Geoff Uren

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    Thanks, I am in touch with Warren now. His work looks very good.

    Does anyone know if the TME King Arthurs come with a boiler certificate? I did ask Chris, but didn't get a reply yet. Maybe Thirtysecond can advise?

  14. Thirtysecond

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    As far as I am aware boiler certs are as follows

    Supplied with locomotive:
    Boiler Manufacturer's Boiler Certificate - Hydraulic to 2 times working pressure 120psi.
    TME Boiler Certificate - Hydraulic to 2 times working pressure 120psi.
    TME Steam Test Certificate - to working pressure 60psi.

    NB In keeping with every other model manufacturer, if a Gauge One Association Boiler Certificate is required this must be arranged independently by the customer with their local Group after collection.
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    Thank you Derek. Good to see you, Chris and Sandra at the Fosse yesterday. Stunning work by all of you, and I know it's not been easy!

    Geoff Uren
  16. Thirtysecond

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    There are four types of injector on the N15s and S15s. I spent Friday working on the most common type used on the driver's side. There are four pipes to each injector, each of which has to be bent to a 3D profile with round nose pliers, and/or fingers. Tomorrow I start on the alternative vertical injector type.

    Image 04-06-2017 at 09.56.jpg

    Image 04-06-2017 at 09.55.jpg

    Note that cabs are the very last thing to go on and are not on yet.
  17. Thirtysecond

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    The first King Arthur has now been handed over to it's customer. King Uther with the unusual Le Maitre chimney. Here are a couple of taster pics. I'll get some hi- res pics of more locos posted next week


    IMG_1034.JPG .
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    Absolutely stunning!

  19. Thirtysecond

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    A few more lo-res tasters! Alternative Southern Railway liveries. One King Arthur with It is tender and an S15 with Maunsell tender.

    IMG_1036.JPG IMG_1038.JPG

    IMG_1042.JPG IMG_1039.JPG
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    Just come back from a 3 week holiday in the US and have not yet signed on again over at TME so I haven't been able to take the high res pictures as promised. However, I have got hold of some nice hi-res pictures of the third King Arthur to be delivered and seen lo-res above - TINTAGEL in the later SR livery (no number plate on back of tender). These pictures courtesy of the customer.

    Just a reminder to anybody joining mid-thread, these are live steam models with scale cabs. As such they are probably unique for Gauge One.

    Tintagel Motion view.jpg Tintagel 3-4 front view.jpg Tintagel view from footbridge.jpg Tintagel Tender.jpg
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