Scattergun Track Building

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by farnetti, 3 August 2017.

  1. farnetti

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    Many of you any of out there may be worried about your track building skills.

    Look on Google Earth at the real thing between Dawlish and Dawlish Warren in Devon.

    There is hope for all of us modellers after all.

  2. Brian McKenzie

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    Yes, but lots of skill needed to replicate this :eek: :)
    Kaikoura New Zealand 7point8 earthquake.jpg
    A magnitude 7.8 earthquake in the vicinity of Kaikoura, along New Zealand's South Island east coast last November, substantially wrecked the railway infrastructure and the adjacent State Highway 1. Amazingly, the railway will reopen in about a month, but the road is taking a full year to reinstate.

    Kaikoura New Zealand 7point8 earthquake track displacement.jpg
    Concrete sleepered track flung across the road
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  3. Peter

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    A simple kink caused by heat as seen from the cab: