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  2. Jordan

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    Oh there is just SO much wrong with that track - not based on the real thing at all..!!
    Just for starters - Rails the wrong colour. Sleepers still shiny black plastic. Ballast all wrong.... :rolleyes: ;)
  3. Osgood

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    Looks better viewed from the other side of the baseboard!

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  4. 76043

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    Is that the Mid-Suffolk?
  5. BrushType4

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    I put the drinks on your tab
  6. Marc Dobson

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    another small loco for the list of prototypes to model. Pass the tape measure and the car keys.

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  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    Of course it's wrong. The rails are not shiny nor are the sleepers a shiny black plastic and Atlas Snap Track is not stamped under the sleepers!! :p :D
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  9. Osgood

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