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    And 2m55s in the lad couldn't have identified a more appropriate engine as his favourite!
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    Enjoyed that, good find!
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    Absolutely wonderful. Seem to be nice kids, polite, no drugs, no knives, no 'like', no phone screen gazing and no sneering from the interviewer.
    What a pity the media, in its smugness, subsequently picked on trainspotters and railway enthusiasts in general to use as a shorthand for nerds and weirdos. I hope those kids have had a nice life.
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    Fantastic and I wouldn’t mind betting those kids probably in their late 50s have had interesting lives, imagine some older people today holding a conversation in such a way wouldn’t happen. Takes me back my time was the late 70s early 80s and on the east coast, how lucky lucky I was to have been there.
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    That's a great find Phil, I enjoyed that.

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    Lovely nostalgia.
    Those lads are just a little bit older than me as I started spotting in 1981 aged 10.
    Not so much fun these days.
    However had most of the day without my vehicle yesterday and stuck in town 8 miles from home so I travelled the entire Bedford to Bletchley line just for a ride; I hadn't been on the line for many years and surprisingly I did enjoy the trip very much and found the class 230 units to be quiet and comfortable hiding their refurbished LUL origins quite well.
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    Would that be the old District Line D stock.
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    Hi Dave,

    Yes they are. Quite distinctive when I've seen them at Woburn.

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    Even better when they started running on the TP's through Manchester to Liverpool. Many a great day with school mates at the Miles Platting end of platform 11 at ManVic.